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Hace calor, mucho calor…how bout’ this weather it sure is hot!

Whew!! It is mighty hot outside, and you probably are wondering where I got the title of this post from.  Well, when I was a little kid I watched a show called Sesame Street, and one episode had them singing about the weather.  It popped up in my head so I decided to go ahead and write about it.

Let me make this clear…I love hot weather!!! Especially when I can go swimming, which is one of my favorite things to do.  Today however,  I won’t be able to go 😦 .     But don’t cry for me Argentina because I will be fine.   Although it doesn’t help to be on the bus and seeing people on there way to a local pool.  Such a teaser!!!

Right now the temperature outside is 103 degrees Fahrenheit! Although the real feel temperature is 111 degrees.  Here are some of the cities that have hit or surpassed their temperature records for today: June 29,2012.

“During the next couple of days, temperatures are forecast to reach 100 degrees or higher once again in the central and southern Plains to the Ohio Valley. However, even areas in the central and southern Appalachians and the coastal plain in the South and mid-Atlantic will do the same.

Columbia, S.C. has broken their all-time record high of 107 degrees set on multiple dates. During Friday afternoon, temperatures reached at least 108 degrees.

During Friday afternoon, Nashville has at least equaled its all-time record high of 107 degrees set in 1952. Nearby in Smyrna, Tenn. the temperature has reached at least 113 degrees

Charlotte, N.C., is also on track to reach its all-time record high of 104 degrees set in 1954 and tied in 2007.

Washington, D.C., broke its June record of 102 set in 2011, when the temperature reached at least 103 degrees Friday afternoon. The all-time record high is 106 degrees set on July 20, 1930.

Temperatures Friday afternoon inched close to the all-time record of 108 degrees at Baltimore’s Inner Harbor“.

I am curious if it is going to get any hotter today, but we’ll have to see.  I am glad to be somewhere that has A/C which isn’t something I would normally say.   But after being out in this heat getting to bus stops and then waiting for the bus I am perfectly fine with it.  Plus its  not icebox cold, just cool enough to be rather comfortable.

Thankfully, I do have plenty to drink as well so that makes things better.  A lot better.

So, is there anybody else that likes this weather as well?  Let me know I would love to hear from you.

Special thanks to and for the full article which is partially quoted above check it here.

I hope you all be safe.


Talk about a great show: The Linux Action Show

I’m back guys.  Thought I would at last write about a show that I watch on a regular basis.  Its called the Linux Action Show.   Its hosts are Brian Lunduke and Chris Fisher.   I started watching this show back in 2010 and have been looking forward to it being available every Sunday.   I enjoy the humor and insight of the hosts as well as the guests that come to the show.

Generally when there is a new version of a distribution of Linux it is featured in an episode and there you get to pretty much hear some of the pros and cons of that particular operating system.  This is something I find to be rather useful as it helps me to choose which ones to use.   There is also the hot picks for android and various open- source projects are talked about as well.

A couple weeks ago we got to see a desktop that has been produced by a company called system 76.  That was awesome!!!  I can’t think of anything you cannot do on that machine.   But more on that another time.

Something else that makes this show cool is the fact that is available so many different ways.  Directly from the site, it can be downloaded or streamed and then it is available as a torrent or on youtube as well.  Not only that but its available in .ogg format which is a smaller file since it is more compressed than its cousin the mp4.

If you want to up the ante when it comes to video quality have no fear for the downloads are available in HD as well.

Of course this is only one of quite a few shows on the Jupiter network which can be accessed here.

The show is also family friendly and that adds to its appeal as far as I am concerned so by all means:  don’t just stand there….bust a move!!!


In fact, I’ll make it easier for ya.  Here’s a link to the latest episode.



Feelin hot hot hot!!!

The Mallorca Photo Blog

AEMet, Spain’s Meteorological Institute, has given a weather alert concerning an Ola de Calor, a heat wave.  That’s early. The big Summer heat wave normally comes around July 20th, give or take a week. That makes it three weeks early for this year’s early Ola de Calor. In Southern parts of mainland Spain, temperatures are said to be going up to 38° C, even 40° C in some places. Here in Mallorca, temperatures are forecast to reach 30° C today and tomorrow, and may go up to 31° C in some places, and even 33° C by Friday. UV radiation will be higher than normal as well these next few days with a reading of 11 and above.

My advice would be to take it easy. Be wise. Put a straw hat on your head or some other cover whenever you go out. Drink plenty of liquid, preferably…

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If you love chocolate, check this out!

The last few days have been spent learning, researching and understanding all about the cultivation of cacao right from the tree to the bean.

As I am shown round some of the local cacao farmers’ fields, I begin to understand how cacao needs to be cultivated and harvested to obtain high quality cacao, which will ultimately influence the taste of fine chocolate.

Looking at the cacao tree, it is hard to imagine that the world’s favourite delicacy starts from here.

The main cacao variety grown in this area is CCN-51, which stands for Coleccion Castro Naranjal, where 51 stands for the cross number of this variety. The CCN-51 is a clone introduced from Ecuador. About 80% the cacao production in the region of San Martin is CCN-51 variety.

This specific variety was mainly introduced as an alternative crop to coca because of its high productivity levels. In comparison to…

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Don’t you forget about me

Hello all, I just wanted to let you guys know that I don’t have any plans for any new material until at least tuesday of the following week.  I know, I know your sad and you miss me.  Yet I have good news……Yes you can read my blogs going back to August of 2011.   I have over 200 so you have plenty to look at.  Also feel free to give me ideas as well and I will check them out and I may very well end up doing some of them at least.  Thanks so much for the support and you all enjoy the remainder of your weekend!!

Lets go under the Surface…Microsoft will you make this work?

Just today I was reading about a new tablet from Microsoft featuring Windows 8.   I would love to be able to say off-hand that it is going to be an #epic fail I decided to actually take a look at the info that was available for it and give it a chance based on what I learn.

Honestly speaking I think that Windows 8, while not suited for desktops unless perhaps you have a touch screen PC may be better for tablets so I am really curious as to how this is to turn out.

You may have heard about a product from Microsoft called Surface and that was basically a huge tablet built into a table, which I think is an awesome idea.  Yet that surface is different from the tablet.

Here are some of the specs according to Forbes magazine from yesterday:

“At an event held in Los Angeles this afternoon, Microsoft announced a new Windows 8 tablet called “Surface“. Not to be confused with its current “Surface” product, this tablet features a 10.6″ display with a microSD slot, USB 2.0 port,  and a magnesium case with PVD features. With edges beveled at 22 degrees and only 9.3 mm thin, the total weight of Surface is incredibly light at just 1.5 pounds. Another version of Surface designed for professionals, Surface for Windows Pro, is built with the latest Intel CPU.

Surface for Windows Pro also features the ability to use Digital Ink with pen input. During the announcement, it was noted that the distance between the stylus and the screen is .7mm. Surface for Windows Pro also features a microSDXC slot and a USB 3.0 port instead, and is slightly thicker at 13.5 mm.”

For the full article see

You probably want to look at it don’t you? Well here it is.

It looks nice I’ll give it that, yet why in the world does Microsoft decide to reuse the name “surface” couldn’t you have come up with something new?

Another question speaking of tablets.   Since we like to compare such and such with the Ipad  so Will this Surface tablet be better than the Ipad? Some seem to think so in certain respects.

Please give me your thoughts on this I look forward to them.   This is probably going to be very interesting indeed!