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Getting started with Simcity BuildIt


humble beginnings

humble beginnings

I started playing SimCity Buildit a few weeks ago and already it’s my new favorite game.   In fact, I haven’t loved playing a game so much on my iPad since I got started on Jurassic Park Builder. But this game has an ability that the other one lacked. The ability to play without needing to be connected to the internet, this is great since I don’t have to worry about not being able to connect to a server for some reason.  Which is why I have this to say:

Finally its happened to me and……you know the rest.

Thank you CeCe.

Now, I told you I just got started playing SimCity Buildit, but already I have some things to share with you that will help you much along the way.

1. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your city be either.  So enjoy the journey along the way and be happy you don’t have to worry about someone dying because of a bad decision on your part.  You also don’t have to worry about other people trying to take over something you have spent time building.

2. Give the people what they want for you will receive bounteous bounty if you do.

3. You got to spend money to make money. But don’t be a moron, also be cool about fire safety, otherwise your sims will become rather hot with you.

4. Same as #1

5. Repeat steps one, two, three.

That’s all folks…..

For now.


Other side of town

Other side of town


Apple, Apple, Apple!!



All day long I have been hearing Apple this, Apple that and it was enough to make me sick.  I would have actually listened to/watched the presentation today but was not in a location that would make that feasible.  As a result, I will pretty much regurgitate what I have learned.

#1  iPhone 6 is doing things that Android phones have being doing for years.  Most notable to me is screen size.

#2  Apples into watches. Now since when do you purposely wear fruit on your arm?  Naw seriously, who wears watches on there arm? Yes, I know fitness enthusiasts will jump for joy.  Also there are hose who wish they were fit but were hungry so they peeled a grape will love them but arent there already plenty of devices that do that?

#3  iCloud.  Apparently we need the sunny days to chase the clouds away.  Granted, so many celebrities having naked pics of themselves says a lot about them personally.  It also makes the point that cloud storage in general is not the panacea when it comes to places to put your stuff

Just sayin’!!!

I am pretty sure the Apple market-share took a dip but with the new stuff coming out which I will likely talk about tomorrow it will surge in popularity as more Appleheads wait in line for something like the sheeple that they are.

Oh, well my shameless talk about Apple’s new stuff is over for now.  But I am likely gonna do another one tomorrow.

I killed the Mac Pro



One day I had a great idea, or so I thought. I thought if I just take one of my hard drives that already has Linux installed onto it and put it in the Mac Pro that maybe just maybe I could get it to run.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple

Ok, no big deal. I would just take that hard drive out and try with a different distro another day. But while the case was open I saw there was dust inside the Mac, and rather than doing the smart thing of blowing it out I like a moron decided to wipe the GPU with a cloth.

Bad move, I know I know!!

I close the case still not knowing that when I restarted it that it would no longer work. I would start it up and nothing would show up on the screen. The power light would come on as normal and then the fans would come on gradually increasing in intensity until they are going full blast.

So, I decided to open the case and inspect the components on the inside. I looked at the RAM, and the GPU. When I looked at the GPU I noticed that one of the capacitors was leaning slightly, reminiscent of the tower of Pisa.

The one to the left is what I noticed

The one to the left is what I noticed

I immediately figured that since the GPU card was damaged that it could be the reason for my troubles. So I decided to go on Reddit and irc with my issues, and while I got some very good suggestions I was unable to diagnose the problem myself. As it turns out my problem could be simply the GPU or it could be even more.

I just have no idea at this point., and at the very least I hope that my display is not damaged although that is highly unlikely. I would simply test that idea with my other computers but I can’t do that because of Geniuses. I would need to have a special connector to the hdmi port of my Gateway PC and then still have a special video card to run it on top of all that.

Talk about a lot of hassle. I don’t see a good reason to jump through all those hoops and as a result I have yet another reason to simply sell the Mac Pro. I could go on and on but I have decided to do a part 2 so stay tuned for that for its coming up soon.



Update to how I got started in Linux


It’s amazing how much things change, even in a very short period of time. For instance, I go from only using Windows, to being exposed to Linux, and then to Mac. To be more specific, Windows XP, Ubuntu 9.10, and Snow Leopard.

Looking at 2010 while I wasn’t exactly seventeen it was nonetheless a “very good year”, for it was nnnnwhen I got started with Linux. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I first put in that live CD. Who knew the fantastic voyage that awaited me.

I most certainly did not!

Some time the following summer perhaps on a Sunday or maybe not, I wrote this post. In fact, it was one of the first I would put on WordPress. I decided to revisit it nearly three years later simply because I hadn’t gotten around to doing so before.

I just so happen to read that post above after all this time and some things jumped out to me.

At the outset I stated that things change, sometimes quite a bit and that applies in this case as the Barnes and Noble in Georgetown, that I went to that wonderful evening is no more. In fact, it’s been a while since it was open. One of several in the DC area. Now, I look at the huge building that housed that wonderful bookstore and it now contains a Nike store instead. Frankly, it makes me feel very sad. Especially since I have such wonderful memories of hanging out there with my mom and sis, where we would spend countless hours reading books.

Oh, the places I can’t go!!!

Thankfully there are other options and I used one of them when I purchased Linux Format Magazine June 2013 edition. If features a review of fifty distros of Linux and has been quite interesting thus far. It even comes with a bonus DVD featuring one hundred games. I absolutely love it, for it means I can pop in the live DVD into my Mac or Windows box and play all the Linux games I want.

Now to take things back a bit, I recall a time when I would dedicate a single day to use of Linux. Now, I use it over 90% of the time, despite having several other PC platforms to choose from.

Yes, that includes Mac OS X Which coincidentally I am running LibreOffice on and making use of my 30” cinema display so here’s lookin’ at you…kid.

Its funny that when I got started with Linux, I only knew about Ubuntu. Now I am aware of the hundreds of flavors that are available. In fact, if I wanted to I could create my own.

Hmm….Venubuntu, Anthony OS, or perhaps Venable OS…..the list goes on and on and on.

Speaking of flavors, since 2010 I have tasted a bunch of them. OpenSuse, Puppy Linux, Linux Mint, Ubuntu up until 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, and Pinguy OS, to name a few. I do like the fact that I now have more powerful computers that allow me to compare them simultaneously in Virtualbox.

That’s a real plus!

Oh, and anybody that tells you that you have to be an expert or some kind of computer geek to use Linux. I’m gonna have to kick some flavor in ya ear, because nothing could be farther from the truth, especially with Ubuntu and others making some moves so that people from Mac or Windows are more comfortable. One of those moves being the Unity desktop, which is not my cup of tea. At the same time others like it and thats fine.

It is indeed their perogative after all.

the wonderful thing is that if you do not like the desktop or basically the way your screen looks like before you load up whatever programs you are about to use then you can change it quite easily unlike on Windows 8, or Mac OS with them you get what they choose to give you, don’t like it tough.

For me, I prefer the good, old-fashioned Gnome 2 interface, but alas……it’s days are over I’m afraid. True, we do have the Mate and Cinnamon projects and I like them both, but the truth is…I can’t go a day without my sunshine.  My sunshine just happens to be Mate.

How ironic!

Oh, and I still dual-boot, which means to run more than one operating system on the same hard drive. It can also mean to have one operating system on one hard drive and then another on different hard drive in the same computer. This is what I intend to do with my Mac Pro. Currently on one of my laptops I have Windows 7 that I barely use, and then Linux Mint 13, which I use pretty much all the time. On my Lenovo x201 that I recently purchased, I decided to just put Linux Mint 13 on it and that will remain until Linux Mint 17 is released.

Whew!! This has been a lot of fun but I must stop now. At least I kept my promise to update you guys. Thanks for your support and please by all means tell your friends and family about this blog.



Anthony still uses his Ipad


Wow! time truly flies when you are having fun!  I have had this iPaid3 for about nine months now, and I am truly grateful for this gift.

I tend to use it the most for games and to listen to ironically enough….Linux podcasts.


It’s also nice to read books and magazines on and its pretty convenient for browsing the internet when I don’t feel like pulling out my laptop.

Very very convenient indeed!

The battery life is absolutely awesome, so awesome in fact that there are times when I don’t charge it at night and I still have plenty of juice for the next day.  I wish I could say the same for my phone or laptop.  Then again there are times when I forget to charge it and the next day its at 2%.

Exaggeration: I think not!

One thing that I am happy about is my choice to remain on iOS6,  I do not believe in switching to a new thing simply because it is the popular thing to do.  I prefer to wait, and stick with what I have until either I feel like changing it, or have no choice but to change it.

I am happy that I can now at last use LibreOffice on the iPad 3 so long as I am somewhere with an internet connection.  I have already used it and I have to say I am rather impressed with its performance.

Having this device is also nice because it affords me the opportunity to check out something else which in this case turns out to be an Apple product quite obviously.

Just the same I am still primarily a Linux guy but as it turns out the Apple doesn’t taste as bad as I imagined it would.  At least not this variety that is.