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The library of the present


As I sit here at the library I am absolutely amazed at some of the dramatic changes I have seen in my life.  I was just thinking to myself for a moment and I thought this would be cool to write about it. That’s the thing about life, there are some things that just don’t stay the same.

You know I remember a time when you went to the library and were told to be quiet,  you simply read a book or a magazine and that was that. In fact, it was a time when the Dewey-decimal system didn’t seem like a relic of a lost world.

And yet, things change.

Now, it appears that the library has become more of a social space, a place to charge your cellphone, chat with your friends,  etc.  On this very floor there were once rows and rows of books….now there is an area to use your laptop and public computers available to all.

Just a few minutes ago there was someone watching a movie on their laptop.   Apparently they haven’t heard the late-breaking news that headphones exist.  It also happened to be something missed by the security guard or the library staff that periodically walk around.  It is indeed a real shame to be babysat.

Oh, I’m loving the conversation going on in front of me.  Apparently what they have to discuss is of the utmost importance.  At this point I feel like standing up and telling them to:

Please shut up!!

Do I really need to hear your incessant complaining?  Is life really that bad for you?

Apparently it is.  

Oh look!  Their leaving.  What a wonderful moment!  My dreams have indeed come true, and then I realize something:

The guy next to me isn’t using a laptop at all.  He has a touch screen all in one PC.  Its so new its still got the stickers on it.


Nothing wrong with that of course, at least he’s quiet which is more than I can say for some.

Nightmare on waiter street

It’s been quite some time since I was a server, yet there are certain memories that will no doubt remain with me for years to come.

Case in point, my first week on the job. I had a guest that ordered food and I was late with the onion rings and the fries combo. Now you would think this wouldn’t be a big deal but noooo! It was because the guy ended up not complaining to me or even going to the manager, but decided to call the corporate office.

The corporate office!!!!

I will never forget my manager laughing at me and telling me that the guy was a real jerk and that he said I gave him the worse service in 25 years of him going to restaurants.

25 years!! Are you serious? That’s just cisin’ it!!

LOL!!! Forgive the DC slang, but goodness. Some people just go above and beyond being petty.

Now did I drop a bowl of salad scoop it up off the floor and then serve it to you? NO. Did I somehow spill hot coffee on you causing 2nd and third degree burns in your flesh? Of course not!


I have never done any of those terrible things either nor would I. Honest.  ;).  Sure I have seen people snap their fingers at me, or yell, scream or otherwise choose to be verbally abusive. But while I don’t see any good in so-called revenge I also will not be sad when people that do that leave

If you wanna see somewhere where people can just be absolutely evil, work as a server. I dare you.

Some people are absolutely cool, you take care of them, and they take care of you. I believe that to be a very simple concept. Yet, it doesn’t always work that way at all, and that’s a real issue.

Now, for those that are not aware of this, most of the money that a server earns is not from what they are paid by the company they are working for but from tips. This of course has it’s ups and downs.

Where I was we got about $2.97/hr. In addition to the tips we received for the day. We didn’t do pool tips (glad of that) so at the end of the day I saw the amount owed to the restaurant and whatever was left was mine. This was done because the servers handled the cash. So, for instance instead of going to a cashier when you were finished paying for your meal you would pay me directly instead. I didn’t have a problem with that at all.

What I did have a problem with was someone deciding to take up a four-top and sit there for hours, meanwhile only wanting a cherry coke. That takes up a nice part of my section and what’s worse I know I’m not getting anything from him but constant requests for more cherry cokes.

Oh and did I tell you about the time I stayed late at work and ended up taking a party of eighteen people. Yes, at this point you are probably like…”this guy is gonna make some good money from that number of people, there’s just no way he wont”. As reasonable as that assumption would be it would be so false, not even anywhere near the continent of Canada. LOL!!!!

For my efforts, I got a whopping twelve (12) dollars as a tip! That’s less than a dollar per person. It was a good thing that the day was great otherwise but still, that is absolutely ridiculous!


I can’t stand stupid people

There are times when I have been on the way home and I am waiting for the bus.  I wait for a while, and then it appears.  At that point I know I’ll be home shortly.

But noooo!!!

Instead of the bus stopping to pick me up, it continues on its way all because people decide to be selfish.

You see, they’ll cluster in the front or in the back and will sometimes refuse to move to the back when prompted to by the bus driver.  This assumes of course, that he/she even asks them to move in the first place.  Sometimes they are those that either do not understand English, or pretend that is the case.  The bus driver will ask the passengers that are standing to move to the back and certain ones will just give a blank stare, or act like they don’t hear him at all.

Of course, I don’t want you to think that somehow I have beef with people of which English is not their first language.  That’s not it at all.

The fact is, one does not need to know a particular language to apply common-sense.

You know that other people are going to need to get on the bus, so why not move so that they can do so, without needlessly creating a problem.  That goes for all folks regardless of who they are.

So, as a result, I am left still standing there apparently I will be right there waiting for you, another bus, and then hope that the very same thing doesn’t happen all over again.

I have actually had three buses in a row do this.  One time I was with my little sister and it happened when we finally got on a bus she said this and I quote:

They act like there’s a tiger in the back of the bus!!!

Wise words dear one, wise words.

Here’s the deal…we have the same goal: to get home safe and sound, and reasonably quick why not work together to accomplish this?

I’m still at it

Thailand tree

Thailand tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


It’s probably obvious to you that I love to blog.   Just the same, I’m going to say it again…..




I love to blog!!!!


Also when I blog, I don’t just blog about one particular subject, In fact i can be rather random.  There is indeed something for everyone and that just sort of happened organically over time.  Yes there is everything from Linux to Food, rants and raves.  As a result you will find posts by me that are about Linux such as this one which the second post I ever made.  Or talking about how I got started with this family of operating systems.


Believe me, there are many many more on Linux alone, in fact there are hundreds that either I wrote myself or I decided to reblog something that someone else wrote (because I liked it THAT much).


In November of 2011 I wrote about the flooding in Thailand.  I am so happy that madness is over and prices are reasonable again.  In fact I can easily get a 1 TB hard drive for about $100.00.  


January of 2012 I was thinking about security so I write this.


The rants would begin in February of the same year.


You ride public transportation?  Well I do quite a bit so I figured you would get a kick out of hey you or drama.  You will probably get the hint that it can be rather annoying thanks to inconsiderate people.


I could go on and on and on and on but I wont even though I know I’m a one in a million.   It would be much easier for you just go to my blog and on the right hand side under “search” type in a word of interest.    Or also on the right side but after you scroll down under “categories” that would be cool too.


Yes I have built up this blog over time, now its time for you to check it out.


I have reblogged quite a few times and I would appreciate some reciprocity as well.  I appreciate all the replies I receive and I TRY to respond to all of them.


So, don’t just stand there…….BUST A MOVE!!!


I hope you will enjoy what you find












This is only a request

Hello everyone, I have noticed something lately that I thought I would bring to your attention.  You see, quite often I will read your posts and like them, I also will repost them, depending on how much I like them.

With that said, it would be awesome if you would do the same for me.

Over the course of a year and a half (about that) I have written lots and lots of articles here.  Mostly about Linux in general, but there are others about nature, personal rants, etc.  So there is bound to be something you like a lot.

So hook a brotha up!  Thanks in advance.


Thank you for being a friend….again!!!

Yes, it’s me.  As if it would be someone else lol!!

First of all I want to thank you all for your support over the past year and two months that I have been on WordPress.  This has been more fun than I could have ever imagined when I got started.

You have put up with my jokes and my pop references and I think that is absolutely awesome.

I do promise more to come real soon, in fact I am working on a new concept right now that will not be limited to words on a screen, it will be me In Living Color.  So you can walk on the moon and float like a balloon but it wont be too late to see me.  Ha ha  ha ha ha ha!!!

In fact I am considering creating a YouTube channel especially for it, thanks to my brother Ed.

In the meantime, feel free to read my posts as there are hundreds of them, so you will not run out of reading material anytime soon.

Thanks again,

Anthony Venable