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Rant about stuck up people

What a wonderful time I had the other day on the island. As the sun was about to set I heard the hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo of a Great Horned Owl. I ended up finding a huge asian snail sitting on the beach, and I decided to take some pictures of it that also highlighted my hitch-hikers thumb.

It’s times like this that I am so grateful for, to be free of the rat-race of life most have to endure on a day to day basis.

I realize of course, that for some it is by necessity and not choice that they work full-time, and so I don’t fault anyone for it. But as for me, I choose to “think different”. Yes, it means no GS this or GS that but thats just fine with me. I have worked my share of jobs over the past decade to know exactly what it is that I don’t want to do.

I mention that because a few years ago I was hanging out with friend and some folks he knew, it was annoying for them to talk about the GS level they were on and they had these beaming smiles as they said it…..

And then it was my turn….so Anthony, what do you do for a living?

It was indeed an awkward moment. I paused and said that I was unemployed and got the condescending response….

“Oh, that’s too bad”.

It wasn’t even just the tone of her voice it was the look I got it was like oh, look at him isn’t he so pitiful. All I was trying to do was to spend time with some new people. To not be a part of an exclusive clique.

Talk about lowered expectations. Do you think I ever hung out with those boogie people again? No I didn’t! If one measures success by the size of ones paycheck, then I’m just not a part of that club.


They turned out to be someone that I used to know….somebody.

Anyway you keep on runnin’ out of my life if you subscribe to that foolishness, cause guess what? While you’re at work, waiting and waiting as the minutes/hours pass by I am actually doing something I enjoy….Like going for walks, enjoying nature, or spending time with my mother and sister, you see those are things that bring me joy not no fancy cars or diamond rings which are not forever by the way.

I have been teased before for not attending a four year college……but I am glad I didn’t. I don’t have that level of debt to be concerned about, nor do I want it. As a result I have a measure of freedom many dream of but never get.

I mean, what’s the point of making lots of money, if you have virtually no time to enjoy it. Mo’ money really does equal mo’ problems when you think of it. As a result a simple life in my opinion is the way to go.

Of course, I have no qualms with hard work. I respect a person that works to make an honest living. I just don’t like those that have some cushy job that they got because of their parents. In fact, I feel sorry for them because they are spoiled brats and the truth is that the joke is indeed on them.

it’s just a shame they don’t see it that way.


Benefits Of Indoor Plants In Your Workplace

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We understand that an indoor workplace can be a hard place to work at. Many employees have to work day in-day out without having access to fresh air through the windows and with hardly any sunlight reaching them. This lack of natural light and fresh air sometimes becomes a threat to their productivity and morale but, one effective way of changing this and creating a healthy and productive environment at the workplace is to introduce indoor plants in the office décor. There are a number of reasons why you should consider indoor plants as the authority at a workplace:

Cleaner Air

According to NASA, there are a few types of plants which help cleanse the air inside an office building. These include common (and readily available) indoor plants. What they do exactly is clean up the air of harmful pollutants such as aerosols that usually make working in compact, power efficient…

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Which snake species is most venomous?

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This video from the USA is called A discussion of the biology, ecology, conservation and scientific illustration of the Eastern Indigo Snake (Drymarchon couperi) with an introduction of scientific illustration. Given by Mark Mandica, Amphibian Conservation Coordinator @ the Atlanta Botanical Garden‘s Science Café (July 18th 2013).

This species is not venomous.

From National Geographic:

Weird Animal Question of the Week: What’s the Most Toxic Snake?

Technically, it’s the inland taipan—but other snakes are more dangerous.

By Liz Langley

December 6, 2014

Snakes are sneaky-even questions about them can wiggle right out of your grasp.

When Arocha Musa of Kampala, Uganda, wrote in asking, “What makes the cobra the most dangerous snake?” we quickly realized two things: Cobras aren’t considered the most dangerous snake, and finding out which is poses a challenge. (Learn more about the world’s deadliest snakes on Nat Geo WILD.)

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On making Windows bootable on a usb drive from GNU/Linux

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I recently used a variant of the procedure described in this blog.

Some time later after I had thought about the whole thing a bit, I started to wonder, why this actually worked.
I mean effectively you use something like ‘GNU parted’ to generate an msdos partition table, to add a primary partition to said table, and to set the boot flag for said partition.
Afterwards you generate the NTFS filesystem and its label on the block device (the USB drives first and only partition, e.g. /dev/sdc1) using for example mkntfs.

Then the files are copied from the CD-image’s filesystem to the created NTFS filesystem on the USB drive.
Then grub is installed to the MBR with the appropriate ‘grub-install’ command and then ‘configured’ by creating a grub.cfg with the pertinent menuentry looking like this (with “<drive_UUID>” replaced by the appropriate uuid):

menuentry “Start Windows Installation” {
insmod ntfs

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Kolibri OS: A diminutive surprise


One thing that is pretty widely known about hummingbirds is that they are very, very fast. They are also very, very lightweight. I recall one time watching in horror as one flew into a glass window and plummeted three stories to the ground.

I was sure that it was going to be a goner and yet somehow, someway, some shape, some form it was still alive. In fact, its heart was still beating at what appeared to be a million miles a second. I remember its beautiful plumage and just being rather concerned about its future. More about that here.

Despite this being several years ago the scene plays like reed that were wound around my head.

It is as the result of the above characteristics that the Kolibri operating system is so very, very well named. I was to find this out for myself just a few minutes ago, when I loaded it up into VirtualBox and gave it 512 MB of RAM to work with. In fact the download for it was only 14 and a half MB, rather than the hundreds of Megabytes that I was used to with Linux and way more when obtaining Windows. Even Puppy Linux was a little more than 100 MB for comparison.

I digress!!!

Instantaneously I was greeted with the desktop and I promise that it was NOT “just my imagination”.

Once again!!!

The first thing I did was use a program called “tinypad” and boy, did it live up to it’s name. Then I played “snake”. If that game brings up ancient memories then that would make sense because I was playing a version of that game way back in 1995 on a Packard Bell.

kilibri menu

If you look at the left side of the screen and you go there with your mouse you are presented with different options, one of them being the familiar terminal. Something that caught my attention that I really wasn’t expecting was an IRC chat client.

kolibriirc kolibriirc

I guess I should have known better!!

Looking at the bottom right corner you will see several games such as the aforementioned “snake” and “checkers”. I was wondering where the rest of the games were and all I had to do was scroll down and more were visible. Going to the lower left side was familiar looking menu, this was what I was looking for in the first place, but I’m not gonna be a brat about it.

In the games section I was very, very surprised to see the bounteous bounty of games for an operating system of such a diminutive size. Yes, most of them will likely be familiar to you and will not have the 3d graphics that kids have been spoiled with now but they are still pretty cool just the same.

Whew this has ended up being quite an interesting look at Kolibri OS but I am getting tired so you’ll have to check me out the next time I decide to write about it.