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Anthony talks about VLC media player



It’s been a very long time since I have written about this awesome program, which is surprising since I use it every single day.

I find it so amazing that you will have a need for something and then when you look around enough you actually end up getting what you need and that’s exactly what happened here.

Right now I am sitting here trying to think about when exactly I started to use it and I am suddenly realizing that it’s been a long, long time.   I had used other media players in the past, such as Winamp.  Do you remember the weird “moo” sound it used to make?

I do and I thought it was hilarious!

Yet, for some reason that escapes me at present, I stopped using it and managed to  stumble across VLC media player. It happened at the perfect time since I didn’t have very much money. and as a result I was looking for free software that would take care of my needs.

At the time I knew nothing of Linux, of Open Source Software, I just didn’t know much at all and this was all done on my very first computer which was running Windows XP.

As dumb as it may sound now……I couldn’t play DVD’s because of missing codecs and so that issue was solved with VLC media player

Guess I was Captain Obvious for longer than I ever thought

Hmm. the year must have been 2007.  The memories are coming back to me….I had just moved out on my own and that was wonderful, yet I had other specters going on in my life with my mother being in the hospital on and off, also I was constantly frustrated with my job, which if you have ever worked as a server or really any customer service position you know what I mean.  Of course that last part could make up several blogs posts which I will do at another time.

OK now I am tired of talking about my friend misery because just like the issue with the DVD playback was solved so were the other issues I had at that time.

Hooray for me!!!

Six years later and I still use VLC media player on EVERY computer I own.  Whether I am using Linux, Windows, or even Apple, which finally decided to let me play with them after years of trying.


In the near future I will be writing more about VLC media player so be on the lookout for it.






Would I ever switch back to Windows?


This question came up recently on  The question was:  Do you see yourself switching back to Windows or Mac?

Hmm, good question. Isn’t it?

Well, as I started to answer it in the comment section I came to realize that I had a lot to say.  So much in fact I was like…..”I could just make this a blog”.

And so I did!!!!

Its been nearly three years since I got started with Linux and now I use it at least 90% of the time.   I have found that virtually everything I did on Windows, I can do in Linux with much less hassle.

In all the time I have worked with Linux I have never, ever had a virus or anything of that nature to infect my equipment.  Nor have I experienced a blue screen of death.

Talk about a relief!!!

If a particular distro goes in a direction that I don’t like…for example Ubuntu, then I can abandon ship and go to another one.  At anytime as many times as I like.

If I don’t like the way the desktop environment looks, I can tweak it to my heart’s content, or I can even get another one.

It’s just that easy!!!

I don’t ever have to worry about signing some legal agreement whenever I get a piece of software that specifically tells me not to share it with others, and is also something that isn’t really mine it’s something I borrow.  In Linux, its like this: “They’ll have theirs, and you’ll have yours, and I’ll have mine”.

And together we’ll be fine.

Never have I used the command-line so much.  That is, until I started using Linux.  Even in that case there are different options available to download software.  I can use the Terminal, I can use the Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic to get what I want.

Besides, it’s been so long since I started with Linux that it’s feels right….so right….like paradise.

So my answer is:  No I would never switch back to Windows!!!

Never, never, never!!!!

I’m still at it

Thailand tree

Thailand tree (Photo credit: @Doug88888)


It’s probably obvious to you that I love to blog.   Just the same, I’m going to say it again…..




I love to blog!!!!


Also when I blog, I don’t just blog about one particular subject, In fact i can be rather random.  There is indeed something for everyone and that just sort of happened organically over time.  Yes there is everything from Linux to Food, rants and raves.  As a result you will find posts by me that are about Linux such as this one which the second post I ever made.  Or talking about how I got started with this family of operating systems.


Believe me, there are many many more on Linux alone, in fact there are hundreds that either I wrote myself or I decided to reblog something that someone else wrote (because I liked it THAT much).


In November of 2011 I wrote about the flooding in Thailand.  I am so happy that madness is over and prices are reasonable again.  In fact I can easily get a 1 TB hard drive for about $100.00.  


January of 2012 I was thinking about security so I write this.


The rants would begin in February of the same year.


You ride public transportation?  Well I do quite a bit so I figured you would get a kick out of hey you or drama.  You will probably get the hint that it can be rather annoying thanks to inconsiderate people.


I could go on and on and on and on but I wont even though I know I’m a one in a million.   It would be much easier for you just go to my blog and on the right hand side under “search” type in a word of interest.    Or also on the right side but after you scroll down under “categories” that would be cool too.


Yes I have built up this blog over time, now its time for you to check it out.


I have reblogged quite a few times and I would appreciate some reciprocity as well.  I appreciate all the replies I receive and I TRY to respond to all of them.


So, don’t just stand there…….BUST A MOVE!!!


I hope you will enjoy what you find












This is only a request

Hello everyone, I have noticed something lately that I thought I would bring to your attention.  You see, quite often I will read your posts and like them, I also will repost them, depending on how much I like them.

With that said, it would be awesome if you would do the same for me.

Over the course of a year and a half (about that) I have written lots and lots of articles here.  Mostly about Linux in general, but there are others about nature, personal rants, etc.  So there is bound to be something you like a lot.

So hook a brotha up!  Thanks in advance.


Thank you for being a friend….again!!!

Yes, it’s me.  As if it would be someone else lol!!

First of all I want to thank you all for your support over the past year and two months that I have been on WordPress.  This has been more fun than I could have ever imagined when I got started.

You have put up with my jokes and my pop references and I think that is absolutely awesome.

I do promise more to come real soon, in fact I am working on a new concept right now that will not be limited to words on a screen, it will be me In Living Color.  So you can walk on the moon and float like a balloon but it wont be too late to see me.  Ha ha  ha ha ha ha!!!

In fact I am considering creating a YouTube channel especially for it, thanks to my brother Ed.

In the meantime, feel free to read my posts as there are hundreds of them, so you will not run out of reading material anytime soon.

Thanks again,

Anthony Venable


Do you really want people to read your blog?

Ok, I am going to make this quick.  If you want more people to check out your blog posts, post on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+etc.    Also one that you must do is post it on

Trust me, you will have more readers than you ever expected, in my case I have more than I ever imagined.  In fact today, I have more views for the day now at 2:30 p.m than I ever had for a single day….ever!  In fact if it doubles my previous peak for the day I wouldn’t be surprised at this point.

So by all means, I have said this before, but I will say it again….Don’t just stand there, bust a move!!!


Something to do when I am bored

About two years ago I ran across a great program called Gpodder, it is an open-source podcast aggregator.  What does that mean? It means this: “gPodder downloads and manages free audio and video content (“podcasts”) for you. Listen directly on your computer or on your mobile devices”.   This was one time “something tells me I’m into something good”

I instantly fell in love with it because of its ease of use,  as well as the number of recordings that one can obtain by using it.  It is of course one of many podcast clients that are available and to be honest, it is the only one I have ever used.  At the same time I felt as though it did exactly what I wanted so I am rather content with it as a result.

Once you look around I can promise that you will find something you like out of the hundreds if not thousands of podcasts that are available.  I know for me,  I happen to have a variety of interests.   These interests range from things about computers and other forms of technology, to science, and people.  I really like that there is so much to choose from because it give me something to do when I am bored.  Maybe when I am waiting in line somewhere, or on the bus or subway its nice to have something to listen to, something that oftentimes stimulates me to think about a new project I wish to work on. It also helps to pass the time and transforms a commute from boring to fun.

I am relatively new to podcasting, and everything I have learned about it was from trial and error.  Thankfully not much error, plenty of awesomeness!.  In case you were wondering. I love the way they are available in various file formats such as .ogg,  mp3, mp4, mkv etc.

Podcasts can appear in various forms, sometimes they are video along with audio and sometimes they are just audio programs.  Generally they are produced on a regular basis, with some even having a new episode every week.  Some podcasts that I follow are the Linux Action Show which I mentioned  here, mintcast, which I will talk about in a future post, Full circle podcast, stuffyoushouldknow, and many others, so many others in fact I can’t even name them all.

Of course, I haven’t heard all of them since I simply downloaded a bunch of podcasts at one time depending on whether the title sounded interesting to me.  I also want to add that thanks to podcasts I am able to experience different genres of music.  German rap being one of them.  That was quite interesting, interesting indeed!!

You probably have noticed that I talk a lot about Linux and I explain that further here.

So, I hope you can go find you some podcasts you’ll be glad you did!