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I haven’t forgotten about you

told you I love nature

told you I love nature

I know this year I have written the fewest posts since I started back in Summer of 2011, but please be assured that I am not stopping this journey of blogging.  I just got hit with a period where I just didn’t feel very motivated to write very much.

You’ll probably be happy to hear then that I have several posts that I am working on now and they will be available soon.  I am also hoping to be able to do at least three posts per week.

In the meantime however, there is plenty of material here already.  So much that it would take you quite some time to read it all.  Thousands of posts that either I wrote personally or reposted that I think you will enjoy quite a bit.

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Whether its talking about my childhood spent outdoors that I need to expand upon, my love for Linux, or just random rants  such as this and that  .  I also love to write about my fondness of nature   I have no doubt there is something for everything in what I write.

With that being said:

Don’t you….forget about me!


Arctic Blast: 1, Giant Katydid: 0 (and the Anole didn’t score too well, either)

Arctic Blast: 1, Giant Katydid: 0 (and the Anole didn’t score too well, either).

Will Anthony get a new theme for his post?

A few days ago I came across a pretty cool blog, the writer of which thought it was going to be boring.

The jokes on him because it wasn’t

Like I said it was anything but boring, one reason is that I really, really liked the theme that he used.   Another is that I could understand what he went through.  This was true since I also had a machine set up with both Windows 7 and Linux and somehow, someway, some shape, some form…I managed to mess up the Windows 7 partition.

Hey, It can happen!!

As it turns out it didn’t hurt me any, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Why?  Because it made me use Linux full-time for everything I needed.  Also, my data was safe and still accessible thanks to the way that Linux is.  I was go glad to have Ubuntu 10.10 dual-booted with Windows 7.  Now, before you go and start start downloading Ubuntu 10.10 please be aware that it is no longer supported.

I digress

I mentioned above about a new theme, I had considered the idea for a while and just didn’t put it into action.  Now, I am reconsidering the idea and will likely forget about it again.

Namely me