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About me.


Aww man, Baloo got lost!!


TaleSpin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just happen to be online today and I come across this article about a young black bear being found in DC.  I was like….yeah right you’re lying, but then I read it.


So it turned out to be true, whaddya know!


Maybe Baloo was trying to get away from Shere Khan or something, I mean that guy can be pretty terrifying, but seriously a bear in DC makes no sense.


So I figured that it got lost from the zoo, and I knew it wasn’t the circus because well, this is the wrong type of year for that, unless of course you are talking about the human variety.  In that case, that is all year round and is often the subject of my rants such as this and that


But I digress.


Ok here is what puzzles me.  How in the world does a bear end up in DC and end up in the Spring Valley neighborhood?   I mean it’s right down the street from Sibley hospital!  In fact, I can show you a map of where they located the bear.


So as it turns out, Baloo’s mom couldn’t bear having him around anymore so she told him he had to leave.  He said…fine mom. Next thing you know he’s wondering across streets, playing peekaboo with people as they look outside their windows and finally getting chased around a bit before being taken down with a tranquilizer.


He is sighted near MacArthur Boulevard and ends up on Rockwood Parkway and Indian Lane.  See the map below:







Man, talk about a TaleSpin!!!


All around the world


I thought today that I would “think different”.  The irony in that statement is the fact that I started to do this post by using my iPad.


No, not without anything but the onscreen keyboard.


I did start to have problems right around the last sentence.  I tried so hard to get away from that misery but it just wouldn’t work.  So, I went back to my laptop and things have gotten a lot easier.




Now that’s more like it!!!!


Ok, what was I going to talk about?


Oh, yeah thats right.  I was going to talk about how so many people from different parts of the world have checked out my blog since Feb 2012.  This really caught me as a surprise because some of the countries we those I wouldn’t normally think of.


Case in point,  Greenland.   Yes, I am serious, Greenland.  2 of you wonderful people decided to check me out.  Also Namibia, Sudan, (which is now divided north and south). French Polynesia, and the Virgin Islands just to name a few.


Guernsey, Reunion, and the Maldives are some island nations that hit me up as well.


Hmmm….I got an even better idea.


Check this out!!!


Goodness, I had such an interesting childhood.  As I was writing this, I had a memory of a show called Animaniacs, a cartoon from the early to mid 90’s and it came to me all of a sudden.


The funny thing is, pretty much all of the countries Wakko sang about are countries that have been to my blog.


Guess I got “somethin’ for the people” after all.




Thanks, all of you wonderful people of the world, from Africa, to well not Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America.