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About me

About me.


A bulldog on a skateboard

Pardon my pups

Pardon my pups

Rarely is it that I actually post on a Sunday as I am generally with family all day but today things are rather different.  So I decided to sit here and write something unsure of what I would do at all but confident that something would indeed come to mind.

Aha! I’ve got an idea, since I have mentioned that I have a rather random life what would fit better than a bulldog on a skateboard?

Isn’t that just awesome!!

This is a pretty old picture that I took with a cellphone by the way so please pardon my pups when it comes to the quality of it.

This happened to be before I got my iPad 3, which would have taken a way better picture, but of course would be rather awkward to pull out all of a sudden to capture this image. Not to mention how foolish I would look to be in the middle of the sidewalk to get it.

Not that it’s ever stopped me before!!

Maybe you would like it if you saw me do some basic work on this picture with a program called Gimp?

bulldog on skateboard

See, isn’t that just a little bit better?

Tell ya what, I’ll try again and mess with it again

bulldog20120329_1749082LOL! that was fun!


I haven’t forgotten about you

told you I love nature

told you I love nature

I know this year I have written the fewest posts since I started back in Summer of 2011, but please be assured that I am not stopping this journey of blogging.  I just got hit with a period where I just didn’t feel very motivated to write very much.

You’ll probably be happy to hear then that I have several posts that I am working on now and they will be available soon.  I am also hoping to be able to do at least three posts per week.

In the meantime however, there is plenty of material here already.  So much that it would take you quite some time to read it all.  Thousands of posts that either I wrote personally or reposted that I think you will enjoy quite a bit.

2014-05-06 12.59.30 2013-04-30 14.44.41


Whether its talking about my childhood spent outdoors that I need to expand upon, my love for Linux, or just random rants  such as this and that  .  I also love to write about my fondness of nature   I have no doubt there is something for everything in what I write.

With that being said:

Don’t you….forget about me!

Lovely walk in May part 1


I am so privileged to live as close to Rock Creek Park as I do. It is a privilege I have been able to enjoy for most of my life and one that I am able to make full use of.  In fact i was just there yesterday.  While I was there I was able to enjoy the nice spring weather at last as this year old man winter just refused to go back home.

It was during this nice long walk that I noticed several springs that have survived only because of there being a part of Rock Creek Park. This is noteworthy because the Washington, DC area was once blessed with many of them.

2014-05-06 13.26.16

It was on the banks of one of these springs one day that I lifted up a rock and found a crayfish while on a hill.  I was rather surprised to find it where I did as it was as i would expect crayfish to be closer to the creek on lower terrain.   I talked to my  sister about it for a while then put him back and we continued our walk.  It was also next to the skeleton of a deer but if your wondering who killed the deer I’ll tell you one thing….

It wasn’t me. 

Interesting thing about that day was in fact that it was more likely to be summertime but thats OK because while I didn’t know it at the time I was at a spring.

Oh, well. part 2 is coming up soon.

2014-05-06 13.26.29





Interesting animals found in Rock Creek Park



I have lived near Rock Creek Park for most of my life and there are some rather interesting creatures I have had the privilege of observing over the years.

1  Rabbits:  For some reason, I haven’t really seen that many rabbits in Rock Creek Park, in fact I haven’t seen any there since I was about ten years old.  I happened to be near the zoo hospital and it was starting to get dark.  Yet, for some reason I saw many more in Arlington, VA once you cross the key bridge from DC to Virginia.

2.  Red Fox:  I have seen several foxes before, in fact I saw once just a few weeks ago right in front of my house.  This was surprising to me since it had to cross busy 16th Street to be on the other side from the park.

3. Opossums: This one is not really a surprise as they are known to do well in urban areas, again I have seen them in my yard (those things are hideous).

Once, I had just gotten home from work and so its like 1:30 am and while standing outside talking to one of my friends, I noticed a possum that looked as if it was walking towards us,  I warned him and he moved but that thing look like he wanted to take a bite out of his leg.

LOL!!!   Your’e welcome!!

4. White-tailed Deer:  These are really common in Rock Creek Park.  I can almost assume that anytime I go walking or riding my bike near my house that I will see them.  If you happen to be driving on Military road you are very likely to see them on the side of the road browsing.  In fact, just yesterday I ran into at least four of them when I was just walking around minding my business, and no, it was not an orange-colored sky.

A week ago while talking outside in my friends truck we heard what sounded like a thunder of hooves as they went across my neighbors yard and seemed to be headed directly for us.  Thankfully they weren’t but they just walked down the street.  To be honest, I was quite frightened.  All in all, they are very common creatures in this area.  So common that there are going to be sharpshooters that will be taking some of them down until the spring.

So you better not be in the park after dark!

Chipmunk:  Yes, I have had the privilege of seeing not only Chip but Dale as well although it was on different days.   They don’t appear to be super common but they are a lot more nervous than gray squirrels.

Red-Backed Salamanders:  I used to find these all the time when I was a kid.  It didn’t matter what season it was:  winter, spring, summer or fall I had to do was call and they would always be there.

Eastern Worm Snake:  I have only seen these twice in Rock Creek Park and that was about fifteen years apart.  I just remembered I mentioned that here.

Wild Turkeys:  Hmm. This is one animal I have never, ever seen.  It would be cool to actually see them though.

I have also never seen frogs or toads in Rock Creek Park either so hopefully this spring that will be a thing of the past.





Aww man, Baloo got lost!!


TaleSpin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Just happen to be online today and I come across this article about a young black bear being found in DC.  I was like….yeah right you’re lying, but then I read it.


So it turned out to be true, whaddya know!


Maybe Baloo was trying to get away from Shere Khan or something, I mean that guy can be pretty terrifying, but seriously a bear in DC makes no sense.


So I figured that it got lost from the zoo, and I knew it wasn’t the circus because well, this is the wrong type of year for that, unless of course you are talking about the human variety.  In that case, that is all year round and is often the subject of my rants such as this and that


But I digress.


Ok here is what puzzles me.  How in the world does a bear end up in DC and end up in the Spring Valley neighborhood?   I mean it’s right down the street from Sibley hospital!  In fact, I can show you a map of where they located the bear.


So as it turns out, Baloo’s mom couldn’t bear having him around anymore so she told him he had to leave.  He said…fine mom. Next thing you know he’s wondering across streets, playing peekaboo with people as they look outside their windows and finally getting chased around a bit before being taken down with a tranquilizer.


He is sighted near MacArthur Boulevard and ends up on Rockwood Parkway and Indian Lane.  See the map below:







Man, talk about a TaleSpin!!!