It’s been a while

I know I haven’t posted anything in a very long time but It’s been because I have been getting things ready for my move.  Well now that I am all settled in I will have the time to get back to posting on a regular basis.

To my folks that have continued to follow me I thank you for your patience.


Martin Wimpress is a Genius

Often times it takes a while for society to realize the impact of one of its members before it chooses to honor them for their contributions. It’s easy to search for lists of artists who aren’t appreciated in their time. We will never know the name of the garbage man at Disneyland that essentially invented the Dorito. Thanks to the myriad of inexpensive devices and inexpensive communication tools we can talk about those otherwise underappreciated artists now while they are still making contributions.


Martin Wimpress is one of those individuals who deserves recognition. He is changing the world, but we might not see by how much for some time to come. Martin Wimpress is a programmer responsible for Ubuntu MATE and it’s perfectly ok if you don’t know what that is. Ubuntu MATE is an operating system project that uses very little resources while delivering a very quality…

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Check With The Man

This is a man’s world lol!

I was recently listening to the Ubuntu Podcast.   The hosts did their usual great job and on the episode in question they were interviewing David Britton of the Ubuntu Server Team.  For years I’ve repurposed old computers to run as servers for various purposes in my home.  Ubuntu allows me to run the same environment to apply solutions in my home as it does at scale in large enterprises.

In each episode the hosts gather feedback from their listeners and the responses are usually filled with nuggets and wonderful suggestions.  In the episode linked above they got a question about tuning a laptop to maximize battery life and quickly mentioned the application (powertop) and a couple of the commands.  What they didn’t mention was the syntax.

This often happens when running a command-line friendly operating system.  It’s not the first time I’ve come across a command and then…

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Darktable–A Game Changer

justpenguin-300x270Just over a year ago I wrote a post for Matt Hartley’s where I expressed my opinion that Ubuntu would be in a better position for having a graphics suite. I stated that while Ubuntu does have some great graphics applications, it does not have a graphics suite. Gimp is supposedly a great editor, but it can’t open RAW photos–granted, neither can Adobe’s Photoshop, but if you try to explain that to Photoshop users they’ll say otherwise, because in Adobe’s suite the integration is nearly seemless. Photoshop users don’t know they’re not editing in RAW (an application called CameraRAW exports the photos to Photoshop).

For me, the post got a lot of feedback, some of which was a little more aggressive than what my palate could handle at the time. At the time, I feel I was right. My workflow for photos was very heavily based on Adobe’s Creative…

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I’m still alive!

Yeah, I know it’s been quite some time since I have done a post here but rest assured that I am indeed alive and well.  While I have lots and lots of material over the past few months or so I just haven’t felt like writing it down.

Nevertheless, I intend for that to change really soon.  Now that some years have past I think Its time to reflect on some things I wrote about before.

Needless to say that I still love Linux and continue to use it everyday.  I also continue to love getting out into nature and have some pretty cool experiences to share about that as well.

All these and more are coming soon so stay tuned in.


Oh, and before I forget. I have an irc channel on freenode ##forthenerds.  Please feel free to join us.



Why are there toilets on my openSUSE wallpaper?

Yet Another Tech Blog

First of all, the entire wallpaper is here:

On the right-hand side, there are these cool line-art cad drawing with Geeko in the middle. The problem is that these aren’t just just random lines nor are they circuits boards or anything like that. These are architectural blueprints. There are 5 full bathroom and a small piece of a 6th. There’s also a couple of conference rooms.

My proof:

Why do I care?

I think it’s hilarious. It’s a strange decision for a wallpaper and I bizarre easter egg to find.

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Anacostia River Web Series Launches Today

I am so happy so see talk about this river that has endured the onslaught of man for centuries.

krista schlyer

River of Resilience story map commemorates the Year of the Anacostia by exploring the history and restoration of a national river watershed.

Over the past four centuries the Anacostia River has been given many names: the Eastern Branch of the Potomac, the other national river, the dirtiest river in the nation, the forgotten river. But for millennia uncounted prior to European arrival, for every creature that lived within the watershed, this river was simply everything.

How does a river transform from essential to forgotten in a span of 400 years?

This question is one of many addressed in River of Resilience, a nine-chapter web story structured as a journey from the headwaters of the Anacostia in Sandy Spring, Maryland, to the confluence of the river with the Potomac in Washington DC. River of Resilience is a story of time and place, a visually-rich geographic narrative of a…

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