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This is only a request

Hello everyone, I have noticed something lately that I thought I would bring to your attention.  You see, quite often I will read your posts and like them, I also will repost them, depending on how much I like them.

With that said, it would be awesome if you would do the same for me.

Over the course of a year and a half (about that) I have written lots and lots of articles here.  Mostly about Linux in general, but there are others about nature, personal rants, etc.  So there is bound to be something you like a lot.

So hook a brotha up!  Thanks in advance.



Yeah, major snow-storm!!



Notice the path to trash is clear

Notice the path to trash is clear

Yesterday I hear about a major snowstorm to affect the DC area.  I figured that it wouldn’t have much of an affect on me since I was expecting the snow to really hit on Wednesday.  This would mean that I would still have to go to work the previous night.

To my surprise and heart-felt applause, while speaking to one of my co-workers he tells me that work was cancelled.  Initially I thought to myself “am I dreamin”?,  he’s about to say:

Sike!!! What are you stupid?  Of course we are going to work!!!

Yet, that never happened, what he said was true.

So I enjoy a night of relaxation and even went to sleep earlier than normal (that was weird).

I wake up this morning to see snow on my grass but it was just a little bit. A touch of love you might say.  Well, it was enough to shut down school for certain one’s and was in-fact something that would hardly affect me at all. In fact, as the above picture shows the sidewalk to my trash-bins is clear.  Fancy that!!

So, here I am, enjoying peace and quiet.  Just the way I like it. I decide to check the weather again and here is what I saw.  Blah blah blah, it’s gonna keep snowing.

I decided to  look outside, and guess what?  It’s raining.  Of course, if it goes below freezing tonight then ice is likely to be an issue in the morning.  Just the same I still have this to say:

Ya’ll be cisin it up sometimes!!!

A childhood outdoors


Ever since I was a little kid I have loved being outdoors.  Living near Rock Creek Park in Washington DC meant that I had lots and lots of opportunities to enjoy being around the trees and wildlife of the area.

I will never forget the happiness I felt in such an environment, away from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

You see I was never the child that was really into sports, or playing video games really.  I much preferred to be outside.  Watching the squirrels chase each other or curiously look at you apparently hoping you will have food for them.  The ducks in the water of various species:  Mallards with the male having the green head, while the female is a brown color.   The Wood ducks once again the male having a brightly colored head (in fact it is brighter than that of the mallard).

I also loved seeing the ferns, the fish in the water, and red-backed salamanders.  These are indeed a few of my favorite things.

I will never forget one time I was nine years old and I was walking with my best friend Archie,  I was talking to him about the future Paradise, a time when the whole earth would be restored to that that was given to our first parents in the Garden of Eden.

A time of peace, not just for a temporary time but for all time indeed.

I so look forward to such a time and my appreciation for Creation in general has developed so much thanks to my childhood spent outdoors.  I think that it is so important to have such a connection with nature and to experience its beauty on a regular basis.  As a result I share such things with my sister, and she enjoys it, this is something that brings much joy to my heart.

















Sometimes the best things in life are free

libreoffice 4I’ll never forget a time I went to a Microcenter computer store and I overheard this woman asking one of the workers there if her new PC came with Word Processing software.  He was honest in telling her that it didn’t but that for some extra money(over $100.00) she could get something that would work for her.

I tell ya that was downright painful to see.  I mean I wanted to tell the lady that in truth there was no good reason to spend any more extra money.  At the same time I was able to maintain my composure, and it gave me considerable food for thought.

I thought about how I know of several options she could have gotten for the super low price of 0.00 dollars.  OpenOffice, LibreOffice,Abiword,Calligra Office suite, and that’s not even all of them.

Yet something I understand is that people in general are not aware of the choices they have unless there is someone to tell them about it.  This is why I feel compelled to tell you guys about one of these wonderful programs.


I have used LibreOffice for a couple of years now and I must say it is awesome to use.  I mean even one of my brothers Mr Ed had nothing but rave reviews for this particular program.  In fact he liked it so much he installed it is on his Mac Book Pro a few months ago.


No!! LibreOffice.

Oh yeah, and before I forget, if you are concerned about compatibility issues between the documents you create and someone else that does have Microsoft Office, then it will be to your advantage to save the document as a PDF file and then send that to the other person.  This is very easy to do

The reason there MAY be an issue is that Microsoft likes to create proprietary text formats that they closely guard…..docx anyone?  As a result it can be difficult to translate things perfectly all the time.

Check out LibreOffice here. 

I also did a short video on Youtube and that can be reached here.


Four random things I think are dumb

People never fail to amaze me at the stupidity that they display.  I mean really some stuff there is simply no excuse for.

I have mentioned several on here before such as the bathroom of despair, and my various experiences on the bus/subway found here.

Yet there are other things people do that are absolutely ridiculous like the following:

1. Standing in the middle of a sidewalk, hallway or at the base of an escalator.

2. Cursing at you or someone else’s children

3.  whistling at a woman walking down the street

4. going swimming when you have gotten you hair done.

The first one is stupid because people are trying to get by they should not have to worry about you being in the way.  If you wish to carry on conversation with your friends or whoever then move to the side.

Cursing at children. No bueno!  I just see no good reason to do that.  I mean, what does it accomplish?  Does it encourage good behavior, or is it detrimental to the very well-being of the child?  Yes I side with the latter.  Your job as a parent is to serve as an example, a protector, nurterer and teacher, not a drill-sargeant, or a dictator.

whistling at women walking down the street:   I have never seen this to be effective and its annoying for me to hear it and I am male.  I can only imagine how insulting it must be to a woman.  Granted they can sometimes dress in ways that are designed to be provocative but still, no need to objectify them.

Last and certainly not least:  Going swimming when your hair is done and you are concerned about it getting wet.  I used to hate when girls would do that when I would go swimming years ago.  First of all it makes no sense to me to do something to an organic substance such as hair that you have to spend lots of money for and yet it can’t get water on it, which is something we have at least 70% of in our body. Something is wrong with that.

But I digress:

Being that you done spent the money to get your hair “done” (that sounds dumb to me since it is already done.  You just want to do something to it to make it look different than it would naturally.  Nothing wrong with that in itself, but if you are worried about getting wet common sense dictates that you stay away from water.

This is just one time I am so glad to be a guy cause:

I ain’t got time fo’ dat!!!!

You know what WE used to do when girls said they didn’t want to get their hair wet?   LOL!!!!! You probably guessed that we dunked them in the water and felt absolutely no remorse.  In fact, thinking about it makes me chuckle!


Please, don’t sit down

All too often, people lack manners in public settings.  I spoke about this regarding public restrooms or the ridic-a-luss caka-phony of sounds that emanate from the back of a bus when all I’m trying to do is chill-ax.

These are issues.  Seriously.

All I wanna do is “chill…just settle down…that’s what I wanna do” but ridiculousness just finds me…”like a moth to a flame…”.  When it does, I have to vente…and it ain’t got nothin’ to do with Fourbucks.  If you are easily offended, perhaps it would be best that you “don’t look any further.”  If you’re in the mood to find humor and look past a point of view that might offend, keep reading.

This one day, I’m sitting down on the bus listening to one of my podcasts when all of a sudden, this lady plops down beside me.  I’m on a bus; these things happen.  This time, it was a real problem…really.  “Why?”, you may ask .

You’re asking, aren’t you?…beautiful…”cause it’s all about control…and I’ve got lots of it”.  Anyway…

Well, this lady clearly “don’t know much” about space because she imagined (somehow) that we could both fit on that bench comfortably.  I am a fairly slender person.  She, with all due respect, however, was not…not at all.  She was large and in charge and her sitting apparatus was of rather Brobdingnagian proportion (yes, I said it…I said it ’cause I can; get your Wiki on).

1 + 1 = 2 in most cases.  Not here…

I realize I’m going to have online Molotov cocktails thrown at me (don’t forget to light the rag…I deserve it) “I can’t help it…if I wanted to…I wouldn’t help it, no”.  I’m just relating an experience that I was *not* digging.  We all have ’em, right?

Would it have killed her to say “excuse me? rather than trying to embed me into the steel siding of the bus?  That would be the courteous thing, no?  She even had an attitude that I could have done without.  Nothing like rude and juicy.  For my part, I didn’t make an issue of anything, even though “suddenly Sey-much more” was sitting beside me.

Another time during the summer, I was on the subway and the same thing happened.  I was trying to hold on to my space but, of course, I had the squeeze put on me.  Again, I became part of the plastic and became one with the window.  Thank you very smoosh.  I’m still living with that nightmare.  If that’s not enough, the lady behind me was cracking up.  It was pretty funny.

Oh well, “That’s life…that’s what all the people say”.  “Get ready, get ready” for part 2.