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Drama on the bus…..again

Ya know its really something how something as simple as a bus right down the street can be such a hassle.  You would think that a person could walk up the steps, tap their smart trip card to pay their fare and then sit down. That would be absolutely awesome.

Unfortunately, I just doesn’t work like that. 

For instance, today I was riding the bus on the way to get some food.  I was only to be a roughly 20 minute bus ride on a rather nice day in late March, but nooooooooo.  That was just too much to ask for one very important reason.

Mo’ people mo’ problems. 

Frankly I don’t know what they want from me it’s like the mo’ people we come across , the mo’ problems we see.

I got on the bus and thankfully I had sufficient funds to cover my fare without needing to add more money.  OK, cool.  I walk towards the back of the bus through what appears to be a maze of bodies in front of me.  All of them seem to have a terrible fear of something….that of standing in the back of the bus.  Granted I could have sat in the very front, but I know there are going to be others who need it more like the elderly, those that are disabled or have babies with them.

Frankly these ones already have 99 problems and I refuse to be one of them.

I think it’s stupid to sit in that area knowing full well I am going to have to move later and I was rewarded with a seat in the back.  It was how do you say…..quite a cozy spot, because the other two people were no strangers to culinary pleasure.   Good grief it was like three peas in a pod!

Now, I’m not to gossip so you ain’t heard that from me.

Thank you Miss Butrell.

There was a serious sigh of relief when they got off the bus, right afterwards there was drama….Apparently the driver on the bus said “move on back” and a mother with two sons got into an argument with the lady behind her who had been rude to her.  I was sitting there and they went back and forth for a little bit before things settled down.

Meanwhile, the entire time where was a nice sized area in the back of the bus where no one occupied space.


Oh, and did I mention that a man sat down a seat from me, now I heard of Bag lady but this apparently was her husband Bag man.  He was a rather interesting fellow that appeared to be getting rather upset that we were quite delayed at several bus stops thanks to be people being well….people.  I was a bit annoyed as well,  So a few more stops and I made an important decision…

I would simply get off the bus and walk the rest of the way.

What a Capital idea!!!!


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I really enjoyed this episode




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