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Scratch Bonsai

I usually have some kind of fungi appearing on my lawn this time each year but I’ve never had such a variety as now.  I suppose it may be because it’s been warmer than usual for this time of year and very wet lately.  Implications for my bonsai? Increased risk of disease so I’ve been spraying an appropriate fungicide.  My field maples so far are fine but my oak seedlings have got the mildew.


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A great new snack


Ya know I have found that it really pays to be open to new experiences as it allows for some truly wonderful surprises.

A prime example of that was what I was able to enjoy last Saturday. I was in Whole Foods and saw something that I wasn’t very sure about but decided I would try it anyway.

snappeacrisps2You know how many times what is good FOR you Doesn’t taste GOOD?  Well, thankfully this was NOT one of those times.  While it wasn’t the same as the beloved PB crisps of my childhood. This snack is a lot better for me.

As if!!!

The flavor is quite mild, reminiscent of olive oil and there is a nice satisfying crunch when you bite into the pods.

It was so good, so good that I decided to try it again when I was at a Trader Joes.  The snap pea crisps there tasted the same as those of Whole Foods (not a surprise at all).  Just a different name and slightly cheaper in price.



I really like that it’s neither too sweet or overly salty look at the back of the package.

innerpeas2So there you go, hopefully you’ll find some inner peas as well.