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September 30 – Lost In A Frog

cool frog


Wild Things 508


I found a lizard sitting on a barbed wire fence. He was not keen to meet me. There have been some heavy rain showers recently and as usual this has brought out the millipedes. However the rain has deterred the butterflies and bees.
(My Internet system has been out of action for the past 2 1/2 days. I have now reverted to Wi-Fi.)









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Not very Poultry mushrooms

nice mushrooms



This is no chicken little. This is the east coast conifer version of (Chicken of the woods) Laetiporos huroniensis which I happen to notice on a big old eastern hemlock around a 100 feet up a steep bank on trail 2 at the foray.


(Ma i take) a step back now to – who came first the chicken or the hen – and the truth is  on the way down to the 2013 N.S. Mycological Society Foray I decided to take a short detour over to a side road in Hants Co. N.S. to see if the red oak that gave me 3 nice (hen of woods) after last year’s Foray was going to be generous again. There wasn’t 3 this time though 1 huge Hen of the woods (Grifola frondosa) was all my basket could handle.

Check out the info and especially the story at the bottom of this


Now back to this conifer chicken of the…

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How to fix a cracked iPhone 5s screen


We have all seen the look on someone’s face when they drop their iPhone and pick it up to discover the glass screen has been cracked. It happens all the time though, and fixing smashed iPhone screens is a huge business for third-party repair shops. In fact, there’s so much money in the practice of fixing iPhone screens that Apple wants a piece. Those with new iPhone 5s handsets that have already fallen victim to drops who are looking to save some money on repairs can opt to replace the shattered display themselves, however, and supply chain solutions company ETrade Supply recently posted a complete guide on its blog. The process really isn’t that complicated compared to other repairs, though the screen swap definitely shouldn’t be attempted by those without at least some experience. It should also be noted that opening your iPhone will void your warranty with Apple

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DIY soda can battery



It may not be particularly useful to create some makeshift batteries out of soda and soda cans, but it’s a good introduction to electrodes and electrolytes as well as a welcomed break from lemons and potatoes. The gang at [Go-Repairs] lopped off the can’s lid and temporarily set the soda aside, then took steel wool to the interior of the can to remove the protective plastic coating. The process can be accelerated by grabbing your drill and cramming the steel wool onto the end of a spade bit, although pressing too hard might rip through the can.

With the soda poured back in, you can eek out some voltage by clipping one lead to the can and another to a copper coin that’s dunked into the soda. Stringing along additional cans in series can scale up the juice, but you’ll need a whole six pack before you can get…

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Don’t spread your germs

Good grief! I was down for about 2 weeks all because of a stupid viral infection.

Thankfully though, it is over for me!

But here’s the thing: there are people right now that are sick, and there are those that will get sick before the year is out and the truth of the matter is that if you are contagious, it is not necessary to spread that mess to others.

So what are some practical things to do then?

Well, a major thing is to wash your hands, especially if you have just sneezed into them.

Better yet, sneeze in the crook of your elbow.

Makes sense: For example you may be riding the bus, and you are unable to sit down because all of the seats are filled.  In that case you will be standing up and will need to hold on to the rail to keep from falling down.  If you have the habit of sneezing in your hands you will then place the germs onto the rail which others will end up touching and could easily spread your sickness to them.

This is important, because you have no idea of another person’s health condition or how they will respond to illness.  What may be not such a big deal for you could potentially be very serious to another.

Also, avoid just coughing into the air around other people, that’s just gross.

Breathing in others faces is also gross in such a case.

I know of someone who is sick right now, he kept trying to approach me yesterday and I spoke to him from afar (OK, not very far, but far enough so he couldn’t touch me) The thing is…he wanted to shake my hand and I wasn’t having that.   This may sound rude but this guy has the habit of coughing into his hands and not washing them immediately, not to mention any moment he could cough in my face and I am not trying to get sick again, for a long time.

So I dodged him, you would think he would apply common-sense and get the point…but he doesn’t care so I literally ran from him.  After I initially spoke to him he would see me again and keep trying to approach me and it was rather annoying.

Dude, get a clue!!!!

So please, please, please think about others.  Yes it is generally a nice thing to share, but in this case it really isn’t.