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Kids spent to much time in school

We’ll my sister says she spends to much time in school if you think about it kids get breaks on the holidays right but I think they give them long breaks because once they get back they can give them a whole lot of work and so the kids can’t say anything because they just had a break okay I know kids need to learn but doesn’t mean to torching them it’s not right and don’t get me started on those school lunches last year I went to her school and they had these little chicken taco things and they were nasty and those pears were so dry you would think California was the Atlantic Ocean that’s all I’m saying


Little Debbie and the Amateur Herpetologist

Postcards From Ava

When our son Michael was seven we moved to a subdivision in the woods. We were only on an acre of land, but behind us there was a creek, and on the other side of the creek were hundreds of acres of woods. There would never be houses there, because it was all in the flood plain. In fact, most of our back yard was in the flood plain.

About that time, my husband was working as a distributor for the McKee Baking Company – makers of “Little Debbie” snack cakes. He drove a white Ford Econoline van with the Little Debbie logo on the side: something like this!

Little Debbie has a Snack For You

For a child, Michael was an amazingly good artist, although, like my husband, he was a terrible speller. He also loved tarantulas and reptiles – and during those years we had several different arachnids and reptiles living in our home. He often…

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Swinhoe’s Softshell Turtle: Captive Breeding Program Update


The annals and magazine of natural history : zoology, botany, anGiven that there are only four of the world’s rarest freshwater turtle, Swinhoe’s soft-shell turtle’s (Rafetus swinhoei), known to exist in the wild or captivity today, the news this fall from the Suzhou Zoo’s captive breeding program that their male may be infertile has forced researchers to reconsider the program’s future.

Not only is it the rarest freshwater turtle species, Swinhoe’s softshell turtle is also famous for it role in Vietnamese legend as the fabled Sword Lake Turtle, which inhabits Hoàn Kiếm Lake (“The Lake of the Returned Sword”) in Hanoi, Vietnam. But of the handful of Swinhoe’s softshell turtles known to scientists to exist in the wild or captivity in recent years, five have died since the 1990s, leaving only four remaining: one in Hoàn Kiếm Lake, one in the wild in Đồng Mỏ Lake west of Hanoi, and two in captivity, the latter now both part of the Suzhou Zoo’s captive breeding program.

Since 2008, when the Changsha Zoo’s…

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My Near-Death Experience with a Giant Python

Wow that story was something. Glad your ok.

The Bones of Grace Constantine

For five years I was a professional snake wrangler. My dear friends and I had opened up a reptile shop with the lofty intentions of teaching humans to understand, love, and respect these strange and exotic animals, and as a result, learn to better appreciate the natural world as a whole (not just the cute fuzzy bits). We designed naturalistic habitats for the animals, taught classes in their care and handling, and rescued a great many rare and wonderful creatures from dangerous situations. It was incredibly rewarding and hard work, and while we were not very successful at making money, that hardly mattered.

We had all kinds of amazing animals like Brazillian rainbow boas, panther chameleons, basilisks, carpet pythons, monkey-tailed skinks, leopard geckos, African house snakes, bearded dragons, kingsnakes, water dragons, fire salamanders, red-eyed tree frogs, Argentinian horned toads, Russian tortoises, emperor scorpions, giant millipedes, centipedes, giant hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, and many…

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