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Your iPhone: Made in China, Korea, Texas, Kentucky, and … Inner Mongolia?


Watermelon/Mandarin/Basil Juice



This is delish! 1 mini watermelon, 2 mandarins, 12 sprigs of basil. DIRECTIONS: Using a juicer, process the watermelon, mandarins and 6 sprigs of basil. In your jar, muddle (press down repeatedly to release the essential oils and flavor) the other 6 sprigs. Pour the juice over top. Enjoy! Benefits: Skin,anti-cancer,immunity,blood flow,heart,cleansing,hydration,anti-bacterial,anti-inflammatory,antioxidants

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Indian Food For Thought

La Paz Group

Thank you, Mr. Cardoz, on behalf of all those who resist the family’s gravitational pull to other professions, and choosing food.  And thanks to the New York Times for bringing your story in brief, thoughtful form:

In Edison, New Jersey, “Floyd Cardoz was scanning the shelves at a supermarket called Apna Bazar Cash and Carry, looking for inspiration,” Jeff Gordinier wrote in The New York Times.

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Small Linux distro without GUI to test network connectivity

A Firewall Engineer

I’m looking for a small linux distro yet powerful to be used in my Virtual Box. The main purpose of this is just to perform basic network connectivity test. Hence, the following tools are very important:



I’ve googled and found a few related posts in different forums. Check it out.

Small linux vm to test network connectivity

Small Linux distro without GUI to test network connectivity

Currently, I’m working with Tiny Core Linux, trying to install it in Virtual Box VDI (Virtual Disk Image), but having some problem.

The only support that I can get is from this forum. Unfortunately, I can’t solve this issue yet.,15713.0.html

Since Damn Small Linux has more support, at least three different forums below, I’ll give it a try.

Hopefully, I’ll able to create a small linux in my Virtual Box with minimum RAM & Hard Disk space with…

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Why Overstock decided to start a price war with Amazon

Gigaom’s was founded in 1999 with the purpose of selling surplus office goods after the burst of the dot-com bubble, and like many companies from that era, it went through plenty of turbulence.

But the site has gradually drifted away from outlet goods and is now selling everything from rugs to name-brand women’s apparel. It has, in the process, become a stable billion-dollar business.

It’s always been dwarfed by Amazon (s AMZN), which had $61 billion in revenues last year. But Overstock says it’s now ready to take on the goliath. Its first strike? Overstock’s decision this week to undercut Amazon’s prices on some books by 10 percent, which forced the mega-etailer to quietly bring down its prices as well. We asked Overstock CEO Patrick M. Byrne (pictured above) why he thinks he can go toe-to-toe with Amazon.

What was the impetus for challenging Amazon on pricing in books?

We have sold books…

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Using Facebook is about to get a lot more annoying


It was only a matter of time before Facebook started bringing auto-play ads into users’ news feeds. Unnamed sources tell Bloomberg that Facebook will start letting marketers “buy their way directly” into Facebook users’ feeds “with a 15-second pitch” that will cost them between $1 million to $2.5 million per day to buy. Bloomberg’s sources say that “the commercials will initially be sold on a full-day basis and can only be targeted to users based on age and gender” and that “Facebook members won’t see a spot more than three times in a given day.” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has pushed back the timetable for when the new ads will launch because he wants to make sure that they don’t degrade users’ experience on the site, Bloomberg’s sources say.

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