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Being the curious person I am I get really excited when I come across a new operating system.  Especially when they are part of the Linux community. One that really stands out in my memory is one called Pinguy OS.

I was first introduced to Pinguy OS back in late December of 2010. This happened while I was visiting my cousins in NC.

It was such a surprise for to find out that it was based on Ubuntu, and that made me quite comfortable, since I was already familiar with that OS having been  introduced to it earlier that year. I tell the story of that in this blog post.

This new offspring of Ubuntu and therefore grandchild of the Debian project proved to be above and beyond my wildest expectations, when it comes to a version of Linux.

One of the reasons for that is the inclusion by…

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What blogging means to me

No doubt many of you have seen different articles written by me, and may have wondered why Anthony Venable love to blog so much! Well I’ll tell you that I do it because it is a way for me is a way for me to express myself a way for me to share experiences with the world.

I was inspired to write this as a result of reading another blog.  In that blog the writer was expressing her reasons for blogging, and how it has enhanced her life.  And so I got to thinking of how I felt very similar.

This new activity is to me a dream come true. Reason being is that frankly I love having an audience. I can recall as a child the joy it gave me to be able to make someone laugh or smile especially when they just weren’t feeling good. Or even when they were bored I always enjoyed being a way for them to be entertained.

Its funny how somethings never change in one’s life. How in certain respects even as adults we are as we were when we were children, and that I think can be a very wonderful thing. It is so important that we don’t lose that innate curiosity of the world as it gives us so many opportunities to grow as a person.

I say that because as a result of this blog and the articles therein, I am able to stimulate thought, to encourage. To bring attention to the creation that is not only all around us but is actually something we are as well. I am able to share with the world the things that make me happy and as a result have enjoyed the expressions of  others that do the same thing.

I find that I am more thoughtful, more aware of what goes on day to day than I was before. And I have to say I like it, I like it, I really really like it! (No, I am not gonna sing the song I know what you were thinking by the way).

Now originally, when I started this blog,  which was in August of 2011 my articles centered around computers especially one category of Operating systems called Linux. And anyone who knows me, understands my fascination with it. Actually for those of you who don’t  then I will tell you that I like the concept of doing what you want with something that you purchase, or in this case download for free. And to not being limited by a company.  Choices are very important to me which is probably why when I first saw an illustration online with the caption…

in a world without walls and fences who needs Windows and Gates

I was quite impressed. Amazingly when I was looking for that quote again I came across this blog I promise when I find the picture I will post it.

At the same time there is more to me than that. I am also into nature and have always had an appreciation for it since I was little. I also obviously like food quite a bit as I have written articles on scrapple and chicken.

Also I tend to analyze things quite a bit so its nice to write something down online and to look back at when I started, and how my posts have become quite prolific over time. As a matter of fact I have nearly 200 posts here, not all of them are those that I wrote, some are ones that I really liked and felt like I wanted to help them to get more exposure and of course I hope they return the favor.

So by all means keep on commenting, and reblogging and linking all that good stuff as it is  greatly appreciated.

So I will keep my promise of having this post ready before midnight and it currently is 11:57. Lol! I can do it and I will.

Thanks so much for reading this and take care.

This guy is a genius

Stephen Rees's blog


This post is going to be about operating systems and open source software. It has nothing whatever to do with the declared intention of this blog but I make no apology.

This morning I came across a new (to me) WordPress blog that I immediately added to my bookmarks and the blogroll. One of the best sources of views in recent days has been the home page. I don’t not know how I come to be there – and I do not see myself there when I go to it. So I suppose there must be some clever code that decides what to show me that I do not already know about – like my own blog. So I look around and find Linux Owns.

It has a number of things useful to Ubuntu and other Linux distro users. But what I want…

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The Forest part 3

As promised here are more pics from a wonderful walk in the woods. Now that I have my smartphone I am able to really take pictures and videos of my adventures in the forest. I find it to be quite relaxing and it enhances my appreciation for the Creator and his creation. I am so happy to be alive and to be able to enjoy the sights and sounds which truthfully speaking I am so fortunate to have so really praise Jehovah for his creation and for blessing us humans with it.