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Geraniums – other varieties

Lovely flowers

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Here comes the sequel of the geranium story – these varieties are more classic, easier to grow from sprouts, have bigger flowers, but are less resistant to hard direct sunshine… in spite of their stunning blossom colors, I somehow prefer those tiny velvet-white little flowers I shared with you yesterday. They are no bigger than a fingernail, yet so strong and really charming. 🙂
Today’s geranium beauties are blossoming very well this year because we’re having tons of clouds and rain, even now in July – temperatures rise and fall like crazy every single day which is extremely unusual here where I live, and also very challenging health wise. Nevertheless, I’m doing my best to focus on these beautiful images to help me go through each of these days. It will also be a wonderful reminder of the fruits of this year’s summer, once the autumn and winter set in…

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A bulldog on a skateboard

Pardon my pups

Pardon my pups

Rarely is it that I actually post on a Sunday as I am generally with family all day but today things are rather different.  So I decided to sit here and write something unsure of what I would do at all but confident that something would indeed come to mind.

Aha! I’ve got an idea, since I have mentioned that I have a rather random life what would fit better than a bulldog on a skateboard?

Isn’t that just awesome!!

This is a pretty old picture that I took with a cellphone by the way so please pardon my pups when it comes to the quality of it.

This happened to be before I got my iPad 3, which would have taken a way better picture, but of course would be rather awkward to pull out all of a sudden to capture this image. Not to mention how foolish I would look to be in the middle of the sidewalk to get it.

Not that it’s ever stopped me before!!

Maybe you would like it if you saw me do some basic work on this picture with a program called Gimp?

bulldog on skateboard

See, isn’t that just a little bit better?

Tell ya what, I’ll try again and mess with it again

bulldog20120329_1749082LOL! that was fun!


Let There Be Lettuces: Aquaponics Update 2

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Two fish out of the ten I bought died. They looked sickly when I bought them. They had kind of a hunch back and a sunken stomach, probably were never going to live much longer under any circumstances. On the other hand four of my lettuces are growing quite well. One started to grow and then petered out, not too sure what happened to that little guy. The last set of seeds never sprouted at all. I put two new seeds in that spot and we will see what happens!


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Linux Mint is still my mate

Now that I have been using Linux Mint for over a year and a half I must say that I am very happy with it.

Previously, I was concerned about being stuck with a desktop that I just didn’t like. Goodness I would be so upset if I was limited to what the other operating systems are offering. Fortunately thanks to the power of Linux that would prove to be a fear deferred.

When I got started with Linux I was using Gnome 2 and fell in love with it.  I remember the time when we first met and I said to myself……..

What a wonderful world!!!

Yes, I had to get used to the idea of not installing programs that end in .exe, or having to go to various sites to get what I need.  But what I got used to quickly was the concept of being able to install everything that I want without having to go to a brick and mortar store, or spend money that I really just didn’t have at the time.

As a result you can probably understand why I love using Linux in general but to narrow it down even more I love using Linux Mint with  Mate.  I tried XFCE and wasn’t feeling it and Unity I feel was anything but.  I even tried cinnamon and I can’t quite figure it out but I just preferred Mate over all of those.

I digress.

Yes, I am aware that now there exists a Mate version of Ubuntu.  I am happy to hear that as I want to see Mate used more and more and Ubuntu is a wonderful vehicle to raise its popularity .  But to be honest when it comes to Ubuntu its a bit…..”Too late baby now its too late.”

Thanks Carole…..

Now I am on Linux Mint 17 and Mate continues to be great.  I look forward to continued use of it for the foreseeable future.

To the developers of Mate I say thanks…I wish you love

Learning to fish

Back Yard Biology

A family of Green Herons has taken up residence in the pond in the backyard.  I think there were 5 juveniles hunting along the shore of the pond, which is shallow and almost completely covered with duckweed.

Adult Green Heron, Butorides virescens One of the adults just happened to be hunting near where I was standing.  They hunt the sparse openings in the duckweed right where tree limbs and debris have fallen into the water.  Perhaps this is where fish congregate as well.

Adult Green Heron, Butorides virescens Shooting birds through a tangle of tree branches means there is always something obstructing the view. So I removed some of the clutter with Photoshop.  Adult Green Herons are striking birds with their chestnut-colored breast feathers and dark green head and back.

At the other end of the pond four of the five juveniles congregated on a tree trunk that had fallen into the pond this spring.  Its leafy branches hid them well…

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