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Getting started with Simcity BuildIt


humble beginnings

humble beginnings

I started playing SimCity Buildit a few weeks ago and already it’s my new favorite game.   In fact, I haven’t loved playing a game so much on my iPad since I got started on Jurassic Park Builder. But this game has an ability that the other one lacked. The ability to play without needing to be connected to the internet, this is great since I don’t have to worry about not being able to connect to a server for some reason.  Which is why I have this to say:

Finally its happened to me and……you know the rest.

Thank you CeCe.

Now, I told you I just got started playing SimCity Buildit, but already I have some things to share with you that will help you much along the way.

1. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your city be either.  So enjoy the journey along the way and be happy you don’t have to worry about someone dying because of a bad decision on your part.  You also don’t have to worry about other people trying to take over something you have spent time building.

2. Give the people what they want for you will receive bounteous bounty if you do.

3. You got to spend money to make money. But don’t be a moron, also be cool about fire safety, otherwise your sims will become rather hot with you.

4. Same as #1

5. Repeat steps one, two, three.

That’s all folks…..

For now.


Other side of town

Other side of town


About me

About me.

Changes to Jurassic Park Part One


Pteranodon's happy now!

Pteranodon’s happy now!



I was thinking of making some major changes to where my dinosaurs, sea animals, and ice age critters would be positioned. All for maximum effect. Jurassic Park Builder is divided into several sections:

1. Jurassic

2. Aquatic

3. Ice Age

I decided this time to focus specifically on the Jurassic zone. To be even more specific the plant-eaters. It was indeed a difficult decision to move them but I decided to do so anyway as I came to a certain conclusion seen below:

“Sonetimes one has to change the way they live, the way they eat, and the way they treat each other, you see the old way wasn’t working so its on us to do what we got to do to survive.”

I digress lol!!

Look at these pictures, they are such a far cry from how things were before? It did take quite some time to get things this way. It meant changing ideas and making adjustments on the fly. But it will certainly pay off quite literally. At least in the game that is.  wan

One of my strokes of genius was to remove the road I had that separated the carnivores from the plant eaters.

After all, its not like they were going to escape like in the actual movie.

Since I removed that troublesome road, I was now able to share the decorations and enhance the value of all as a result. That is when I came up with the idea for creating a cluster of dinosaurs. With added emphasis on those that are worth the most. Would help me to enhance my Jurassic Park Allstars even more.

I purchased several more “sleeping volcanoes” as they would boost things quite a bit. Also, I got more “Bridge over ponds”. Not exactly the “Bridges of Madison county but I think you get the drift, although I promise it won’t be in San Andreas”

Oh, how I quip!!!

Triceratops was upset with me because I moved him from his place that he had for so long, so did Gallimimus but they are in better places now so I will be forgiven sooner rather than later. Camarasaurus was moved too but he didn’t seem to really care all that much.

Ouranosaurus, Dryosaurus, and Pachyrhinosaurus were three I had no idea what to do with, so I stuck them on the other side of the park.

Whew what a lot of work, and it only cost me 3.5 million coins!

Spoiled brat

Spoiled brat

One thing that hasn’t changed though….

I still don’t have more levels!!!!


Jurassic Park Allstars Part One

Who made him angry?

Who made him angry?


Surely you know what its like when you play a game for a while and strategies start to come to your mind. I must say that that has happened to me with regards to Jurassic Park Builder. My brother teases me for still playing this game roughly a year after I got it. But you know what?

I really don’t care what people say. I’m gonna play it anyway!

I feel so much better for having said that by the way. It’s just how can you criticise me for playing this game when you play Lame Wing or whatever the name of that stupid game is anyway.

I digress

Another idea is that of putting valuable decorations around the most profitable dinosaurs, sea animals and animals of the Ice Age. These receive special emphasis and I will place them in different parts of there respective section whether Jurassic, Aquatic, or Ice Age.


You may be wondering why this post is called Jurassic Park Allstars. Well, its quite elementary Watson. You see, When I spoke above about strategies several came to my mind recently. For one, I am now obtaining dinosaurs that are only available from monetary purchase.

Another idea is that of putting valuable decorations around the most profitable dinosaurs, sea animals and animals of the Ice Age. These receive special emphasis and I will place them in different parts of there respective section whether Jurassic, Aquatic, or Glacier. These animals are Allstars because of how many coins they are worth each hour. I’ll show them to you in order 1,2,3.

1. Pteranodon. 21,545/hr 166% bonus maximum evolution.


Notice the T-Rex Fossils immediately around it and in turn the number of “sleeping volcanoes that around the fossils. The T-rex fossils give a bonus of 2% each. The sleeping volcanoes 10%. Parasaurolophus fossils are also 10% bonus but take up less space than the sleeping volcanoes but they are also quite a bit more expensive to obtain. “Bridge over ponds are 6% and are relatively cheap.


When I started making the major changes to the park the Pteranodon was at 14,580/1 hr and 80% bonuses from decorations. You might also notice below the name of the animal the word max with all four stars. So it wont be evolving any more (in this case evolving is more like growing not gradually turning into something else. )

Baby what a big surprise!

2. Dilophosauris 9,584 per hour 77% bonushe just so happens to be near the Pteranodon.

3. Pachycephalosaurus 7,192 132% bonus. It helped to put a Active Volcano nearby.

I decided to give Triceratops an honorable mention since it gives 1,025 coins in 5 mins (the thing is, I am not normally able to collect the coins every five mins. It would give 12,300 coins in an hour in case your curious lol!!

Triceratops at 1,025/5 mins 105% bonus

Doing the math, this one while not exactly an Allstar in the Jurassic realm is nonetheless worth an honorable mention. The true Allstar of Jurrasic zone is:


14,580/1 hr and 80% bonuses from decorations. You might also notice below the name of the animal the word max with all four stars. So it wont be evolving any more (in this case evolving is more like growing not gradually turning into something else. ) So the only way for it to become more valuable would be to add more decorations around it.

So Darwin stay back!


Bye Bye UbuntuOne

ubuntu_oneSo anyway about a week ago I decide to check my UbuntuOne account to see what files I had stored on it.  When I did this I was rather surprised to get this response:

“The service has been discontinued.  We are sorry to notify you that we will be shutting down the Ubuntu One file services, effective 1 June 2014.”

Thankfully this wasn’t the only ONE means of cloud storage I had available.   Dropbox!

Thank you Dropbox!

I do applaud the fact that not only are they making it easy for me to retrieve my data, but I have two months to remove it.

Isn’t that nice of them?

So to UbuntuOne for whom I was always forgetting the password to anyway…



Jurassic Park Builder March 2014

jurassicparkIts amazing just how into a game a person can get.  He I have been playing this game at least since late spring of last year and I absolutely love it!

I am almost at level 70 and I have about 32,000,000 coins.  It took me quite a while to acquire this many coins and this has been in part to various strategies that I have picked up along the way.  By the way I am playing this game on my iPad 3 and its actually a major reason I enjoy using this device as a result of the speed and quality of the screen.  It really looks awesome to  be able to pinch and zoom and make my dinosaurs larger and to hear the sounds they make when they are annoyed.


Something that has been cool is that I have gotten where I am without ever spending any real money on the game.  Of course, that will change by the end of the day as I desire to get a dollar pack.  Its not a problem as it will only cost me about $5.00 so not bad at all eh?

I also got the newest update today after several days of putting it off.  Ok Ok to be honest the only reason I did the update was because I would be unable to play the game if I didn’t.  I didnt’t like that I was forced to do it as I was concerned that the changes would be annoying to be but so far I like it quite a bit, and I’ll let you know if in fact that changes.

Ok I just noticed something that was pretty annoying.  In the Battle Arena, 18-22 seem to have a glitch.  I can win with one dinosaur and  still only get to silver medal.

What gives?

Oh well, at leas the rewards for winning are better and I now have the option of how many dinosaurs I want to use in battle.

Way Cool!!

Oh well, let me get back to the game and more posts about it are coming up real soon.


Will Anthony get a new theme for his post?

A few days ago I came across a pretty cool blog, the writer of which thought it was going to be boring.

The jokes on him because it wasn’t

Like I said it was anything but boring, one reason is that I really, really liked the theme that he used.   Another is that I could understand what he went through.  This was true since I also had a machine set up with both Windows 7 and Linux and somehow, someway, some shape, some form…I managed to mess up the Windows 7 partition.

Hey, It can happen!!

As it turns out it didn’t hurt me any, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise.  Why?  Because it made me use Linux full-time for everything I needed.  Also, my data was safe and still accessible thanks to the way that Linux is.  I was go glad to have Ubuntu 10.10 dual-booted with Windows 7.  Now, before you go and start start downloading Ubuntu 10.10 please be aware that it is no longer supported.

I digress

I mentioned above about a new theme, I had considered the idea for a while and just didn’t put it into action.  Now, I am reconsidering the idea and will likely forget about it again.

Namely me