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Local Historic Water Sources: Smith Springs

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Park View, D.C.

Have you ever wondered about the brick structures located in the McMillan Reservoir? I have.

When I was doing research on Tiber Creek I came across a passage in Garnett Williams’ Washington, D.C.’s Vanishing Springs and Waterways that helps explain the circular brick turret in the middle of the reservoir. According to Williams it marks the location of Smith Springs.

Williams writes that “of the many springs that formerly were so popular in the area, probably the best known were the Smith or Congressional Springs, the Franklin Park Springs, Gibson’s Spring, Caffrey’s Spring, and the City Spring. …

The Smith (Congressional or Effingham) Springs were on the farm of J. A. Smith, near the middle of what is now the McMillan Reservoir, immediately southwest of the grounds of the U.S. Soldier’s Home. These three springs produced 7, 4 1/2, and 3 gallons per minute, respectively and were probably the most…

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So I wait and wait for the bus.  It finally comes.  Mind you, its a muggy summer day a day that normally I would love.

If I only had a brain

I would have never gotten on the bus that would take me the opposite direction from my house. 

Wish I knew that from the start.  Well, at first it wasn’t so bad after all i did have a seat. Unfortunately it didn’t take long for the bus to become a crowded mass of bodies.  One lady gets on the bus with a laundry cart. 

Genius, pure genius.

Meanwhile there is kid that just wouldn’t shut up.  He just kept crying and crying, and crying….I thought it would never stop.  All this and mind you I have on headphones.

Well, at least no one was cursing each other out. 

Two hours pass by and I finally get close to a good subway station. I decide to get off the bus and get a nice old fashioned fish sandwich.

I figured at least i would get something worthwhile out of it. 


Little did I know that my dream would be deferred. The fish place was closed.

At this point I am still OK because I was close to the subway that would take me home.  Take me home, take me home home take me to another place, take me home.

You get the point. 

I pay my fare go down the escalator and to my surprise there is a delay on the train and there is no estimated arrival. 

Its that that point that i was like seriously?  I can’t go home for nuffin!

I walk around for a bit then decide to just catch a bus instead.  Finally, a bus shows up I get on and i go to another subway station. 

Feeling good.

Then, I have to use the bathroom just great. By this point I had decided this was good material for my blog so here it is.  

Maybe I’ll eat out tonight after all.