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iPad follies

So, I am gonna try this again.  The last time was quite unsuccessful but that hasn’t deterred me from this attempt.

at this point your probably wondering…………..


what you talkin’ bout Anthony?

Well, I decided to write a blog post on my iPad without any external keyboard at all.  So far so good.  Of course, how much could I possibly say about that?

Well, were gonna find out.

Hmm, come to think of it this isn’t nearly the horrible experience that it was last time.   The screen hadn’t frozen on me nor has it teased me by getting some typing done before apparently revolting against me.

Talk about annoying!

Wait for it, wait for it……it’s actually still working.

Horray for me!


Spring in South Dakota: 2014 Edition

Lovely pics

Katy Mears Photography

I can’t believe I’ve had this blog for so long that I’m now duplicating posts. Last year, I posted some pink-flowered springtime photos from the Japanese Gardens in Sioux Falls. Here’s another batch from this spring’s visit to the gardens.

Japanese Gardens 2014

This one is my favorite because of the sparkly bokeh in the background.

Japanese Gardens 2014

Japanese Gardens 2014

And, if you missed it, here’s a video of the adventures as well.

That’s not all, people! I made a lunchtime visit to McCrory Gardens in Brookings, too, and captured some signs of spring there as well.

McCrory Gardens

My favorite shot from the Gardens (below). It’s so dramatic and the light is just right. Can you believe this was taken during the harsh noon light? You can make that work for some photos!

McCrory Gardens

McCrory Gardens

McCrory Gardens

McCrory Gardens

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On Ubuntu Linux, a 16bit+ GIMP

this will be helpful



The source of this: is here

Open a terminal (CTRL-Alt+T), i.e. bash prompt, then type:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:otto-kesselgulasch/gimp-edge
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install gimp
sudo apt-get install gimp-resynthesizer

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Overkill Phone Charger, Because, Well, Why Not?


ATX Phone Charger

There are times in a tinkerer’s existence where it is convenient to have the ability to plug in and power a lot of USB devices. Sure, you could use a USB hub but this may not be satisfactory if your devices require a lot of current. A computer may work but is not really a stand alone solution.

[Jeff] and the crew over at Make Lehigh Valley ran into this predicament. They were putting on an Adafruit Trinket class and needed a USB power supply to power all of the Trinkets that were going to be used. As any makerspace would do, they built their own USB Power Station, and the final product is certainly overkill for what they needed (that’s not a bad thing).

An old ATX computer power supply is a logical component to use for this type of project. These power supplies are usually available in abundance and…

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