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Hello Deer




For a long time I was thinking about getting a bike and then the unexpected happened.   One of my friends asked me if I could come over to his house and help him to get his internet working.   Another friend was nice enough to bring me there and so we got it done.

As a result, I ended up with a bike.

How nice!

After a few weeks, I decided to ride it, so excitedly I went down to the nearest gas station and filled the tires with air.  Then, I rode down the hill and over to Rock Creek Park.

Once there I was so happy to be away from the cars for a while…and only a while as I would soon find out.

So, I ride down a long hill and I loved it like a love song…baby!

I get to the bottom of the hill, and head south.   It wasn’t long before there were cars behind me and no where for me to be but the street.  Yet, I was still enjoying the ride.  eventually I decided to stop and head back.

It didn’t take long for me to get annoyed by the cars, I just wasn’t expecting there to be so many.  I was so much different from walking where I would be on a trail through the woods higher up and the cars wouldn’t be an issue but down here it made me nervous.

As I continue I happen to see a female deer browsing the vegetation nearby.   In fact, she was closer than she appears in the picture.  I would have preferred to use my iPad, but I didn’t bring it.

So, I get off the bike and start to take pictures of her and even did a short video as you can see here.

It was nice watching her for a while and then I continued on the way home and while normally “what goes up must come down”, this would be the opposite for “what went down, must now go up”.  You think I rode the bike up that steep hill.

No way!!!

Thankfully there were only a few cars going up the hill so it made it easier for me to walk it up.

Oh, and I ended up seeing the same deer again,  LOL!!!