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So after I managed to damage the video card in my Mac Pro I decided to use my Dell Optiplex SX280. Its a cute little machine that is ten inches tall and weighs only about ten pounds. The operating system I decided to install onto it is Puppy Linux, more specifically “Upup Raring”. I chose Puppy in this instance because I needed something that wouldn’t need much in the RAM department as this machine runs DDR RAM and I don’t have much of it. In fact this machine right now is running on 512 MB of RAM.

I see you rolling you eyes, you can stop now

Now while you may look at 512 MB of RAM as being a teeny tiny amount, its plenty because I plan to store my older podcasts on here instead of my Ipad 3. That is one use, at the moment not sure of others just yet although I may very well save pics from the iPad on here as well.

I have thought of upgrading the RAM in here to its maximum amount of 2 GB, but its not really something I am in a hurry to do for the above reasons. For the monitor I use an old LCD TV that I purchased from my roommate for $20.00. It has speakers in it already so that works fine for me.

Using Puppy on here is pretty cool but it is a bit different from the OS that I am used to which is Linux Mint. Just the same I think its awesome that I can play around with a different distro that what I use everyday :).

Something that I have to figure out is how to save to folders on puppy this doesn’t appear to be as straightforward as I am accustomed to. For example when I did the “save as” command on a document I was working on I wasn’t immediately given the option of folders to save it to. It wasnt until I went to the root folder that I saw something that was more familiar.

Thank goodness!!

Puppy really liked my iPad because as soon as I introduced them to each other puppy started wagging his tail and went right up to them. It was in fact an “instant connection”. Seriously. So now my idea of saving my pics to this hard drive has been confirmed. I did notice that I only didnt have access to all of my photos from the iPad only the ones in one folder which is only about a third of the pictures I have on it.

Sound on here is something I am going to have to tinker around with for I see that I am getting audio from my tv as well as the machine itself. I would prefer to disable the on board audio as it isn’t loud as the tv is.

I have a video playing, my iPad is connected and I am working on this post and right now am only using 109 MB of RAM.

Talk about awesome!!!