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Restoring Windows XP on an EeePC

Wills' World


Step 1. Build and install GrUB
If you’re going the route of building a modern GNU GrUB from source, you might find some fairly up-to-date utilities being required. On my build host I found there was a problem with bison and flex versions being old.

Install with:

./toolchain/usr/sbin/grub-install --no-floppy --boot-directory=/mnt/sda1/boot /dev/sda

Step 2. Build and install ldntldr

Download and build the “loadbin” GRUB utilities. Install this by creating /boot/utils on the target device and add ‘ldntldr.bin’ there

Step 3. Configure boot drive

If you have an Ubuntu machine, you might already be familiar with ‘update-grub’. The site recommends ‘grub-mkconfig’, which is part of the standard package. I chose to create a configuration file manually, with this:

menuentry "EeePC WinPE" {
set root=(hd0,1)
echo "GRUB: load kernel..."
linux16 /boot/utils/ldntldr.bin
echo "GRUB: load initrd..."
initrd16 /ntldr

Step 4. Populate boot…

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Join/Merge Multiple mp4 Files Into One File Without Re-Encoding


Install GPAC first, easily from ubuntu repository:
$ sudo apt-get install gpac

Then using one of GPAC’s tool, named MP4Box, we can join or merge multiple mp4 files by concatenating into one file. With concatenating we save a huge amount of processing time which is usually spent for rendering/re-encoding.
$ MP4Box -cat file1.mp4 -cat file2.mp4 -cat file3.mp4 OutputFile.mp4

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Linux Distributions

The Anarchist's Blog

I find that most people say they like free stuff, but when I ask them why they run windows or mac instead of a Linux distribution, their responses are either: “What’s Linux?“, “Linux is communist.“, “Linux is free?“, or “Nobody uses Linux.“. Well, to get things straight, Linux is not communist, that’s just something that the windows CEO spread around with this idea that open-source is communism; another, yes, Linux is free, free as in you don’t pay, and free as in freedom; finally, it’s not that nobody uses Linux, it’s that barely any normal users use Linux. Most super computers run Linux, along with 80% of the servers in the world, you know what server runs Linux, here’s a list: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Yahoo, etc. If you want, you can go to this website <>, and look at the…

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Windows, Linux (and Samba)

Wayne Khan

I needed to copy a 140MiB file from a Windows 2000 server. The only problem was that it didn’t support FTP (or SFTP) and I couldn’t download FileZilla Server since there was no network connection. I asked my colleague for a quick fix to this, and I can’t recall what he said, but suddenly I remember that I’d RHEL 3 (and Samba) and I could use Windows to map a Samba share. Problem solved.

Sometimes it is thinking about a problem from a different perspective client/server instead of server/client. Heh

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