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Apple’s brand new version of iOS 7 is already jailbroken



As BGR has reported several times, Apple plans to release a major update to its mobile operating system in the coming weeks. iOS 7.1 will bring a number of visual changes and several intriguing new features, and it will also provide fixes for a few lingering issues in iOS 7. Ahead of the major new release, however, Apple pushed out a small update to its mobile platform — iOS 7.0.6 — which included a fix for a serious SSL bug that had been present in iOS since last September.

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Ozarks State of Mind

Over the next several days, I will be posting images of flowers or plants that I have been unable to identify. Some may be native to Arkansas and some may not. If you can help out, please feel free.

Found on the side of a dirt road, in well drained soil and full sun, located by a large pasture area. Flower atop a long slender stem of more than 12″. Taken in June 2013.

unidentified arkansas wildflower

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Will Apple do the impossible with the iPhone 6?

Once again it takes Apple a while to think different.


I had one single thought the first time I held Apple’s iPhone 5s in my hand: I want a bigger display. As I have covered here on BGR several times, most extensively in my review of the phone, the iPhone 5s is both Apple’s best iPhone yet and its least significant iPhone update thus far compared to the previous-generation model. Performance improvements in most use cases are barely perceptible compared to the iPhone 5, and there really isn’t much useful new functionality to speak of.

The iPhone 5s is still a great smartphone, mind you — the best of the year in 2013, in fact — but it isn’t the huge “S” jump iPhone users have grown accustomed to over the years. And compared to other leading smartphones on the market, the iPhone’s 4-inch screen is painfully small.

Size matters.

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Frozen Potomac



I am probably gonna sound dumb for saying this but here goes:

I have never seen the Potomac River frozen over like this.  It was just interesting to me to see it while I was on the subway.   I was able to quickly pull out my iPad and get some pictures of it.

In case your wondering, this was not today……it was a few weeks ago and the daily heights were struggling just to get to 20 degrees F.     They called it a “polar vortex” and to be honest, it was really, really annoying for it to be so cold for so long.

I didn’t think I I would say this but the temperature is 33 degrees F and it seems warm.  Comparatively speaking, that is.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that I will be wearing hot weather clothing.  I’m just not doing that, no no no.