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Getting started with Simcity BuildIt


humble beginnings

humble beginnings

I started playing SimCity Buildit a few weeks ago and already it’s my new favorite game.   In fact, I haven’t loved playing a game so much on my iPad since I got started on Jurassic Park Builder. But this game has an ability that the other one lacked. The ability to play without needing to be connected to the internet, this is great since I don’t have to worry about not being able to connect to a server for some reason.  Which is why I have this to say:

Finally its happened to me and……you know the rest.

Thank you CeCe.

Now, I told you I just got started playing SimCity Buildit, but already I have some things to share with you that will help you much along the way.

1. Be patient. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your city be either.  So enjoy the journey along the way and be happy you don’t have to worry about someone dying because of a bad decision on your part.  You also don’t have to worry about other people trying to take over something you have spent time building.

2. Give the people what they want for you will receive bounteous bounty if you do.

3. You got to spend money to make money. But don’t be a moron, also be cool about fire safety, otherwise your sims will become rather hot with you.

4. Same as #1

5. Repeat steps one, two, three.

That’s all folks…..

For now.


Other side of town

Other side of town


Thanks Apple, you made me upgrade

At last I have upgraded my Ipad 3 from iOS 6 to iOS 8.  I had procrastinated about it for quite some time but finally decided to make the jump.

Actually, to be completely honest with you I did it because one day I turned on the iPad and got a weird image on the screen.  It looked like a power connector that was supposed to charge the iPad and the word “iTunes was above it.  I tried turning the iPad on and off multiple times to no avail.

I was like…”say it isn’t so!!

Doing some research on the matter, I came to find out that I would need to restore the iPad with iTunes.  Fortunately for me I had already backed it up on my old beat up bestie of a laptop the Fujitsu Lifebook 4215,  That proved to be a rather Capital Idea becuase I was going to need iTunes with an internet connection in order for my baby to come back.

I was wrong, and I just can’t be without you!!

So, after a few days, I went to the library and started the restoration process.  One of the reasons that I had procrastinated about upgrading to a new version of iOS in the first place is that I already had games that I had played for a very long time on it.  I also was concerned about the many pictures and videos that I had accumulated over time and I really didn’t want to start over.

That would be a real bummer!!!

Goodness, it did take forever and a half to do the restoration process over wifi and the whole time i was anxious that some error message would show up on the screen, strategically once I got to 90% finished.

Considering that this had taken roughly two hours I would have shouted a rather loud D’oh! ala Homer Simpson style.

Gratefully the test of my endurance came to an end and finally I had a device updated to the latest version of iOS.


Unfortunately, nobody’s perfect so I came across some problems that I will likely rant about later.



Apple, Apple, Apple!!



All day long I have been hearing Apple this, Apple that and it was enough to make me sick.  I would have actually listened to/watched the presentation today but was not in a location that would make that feasible.  As a result, I will pretty much regurgitate what I have learned.

#1  iPhone 6 is doing things that Android phones have being doing for years.  Most notable to me is screen size.

#2  Apples into watches. Now since when do you purposely wear fruit on your arm?  Naw seriously, who wears watches on there arm? Yes, I know fitness enthusiasts will jump for joy.  Also there are hose who wish they were fit but were hungry so they peeled a grape will love them but arent there already plenty of devices that do that?

#3  iCloud.  Apparently we need the sunny days to chase the clouds away.  Granted, so many celebrities having naked pics of themselves says a lot about them personally.  It also makes the point that cloud storage in general is not the panacea when it comes to places to put your stuff

Just sayin’!!!

I am pretty sure the Apple market-share took a dip but with the new stuff coming out which I will likely talk about tomorrow it will surge in popularity as more Appleheads wait in line for something like the sheeple that they are.

Oh, well my shameless talk about Apple’s new stuff is over for now.  But I am likely gonna do another one tomorrow.

I killed the Mac Pro



One day I had a great idea, or so I thought. I thought if I just take one of my hard drives that already has Linux installed onto it and put it in the Mac Pro that maybe just maybe I could get it to run.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t that simple

Ok, no big deal. I would just take that hard drive out and try with a different distro another day. But while the case was open I saw there was dust inside the Mac, and rather than doing the smart thing of blowing it out I like a moron decided to wipe the GPU with a cloth.

Bad move, I know I know!!

I close the case still not knowing that when I restarted it that it would no longer work. I would start it up and nothing would show up on the screen. The power light would come on as normal and then the fans would come on gradually increasing in intensity until they are going full blast.

So, I decided to open the case and inspect the components on the inside. I looked at the RAM, and the GPU. When I looked at the GPU I noticed that one of the capacitors was leaning slightly, reminiscent of the tower of Pisa.

The one to the left is what I noticed

The one to the left is what I noticed

I immediately figured that since the GPU card was damaged that it could be the reason for my troubles. So I decided to go on Reddit and irc with my issues, and while I got some very good suggestions I was unable to diagnose the problem myself. As it turns out my problem could be simply the GPU or it could be even more.

I just have no idea at this point., and at the very least I hope that my display is not damaged although that is highly unlikely. I would simply test that idea with my other computers but I can’t do that because of Geniuses. I would need to have a special connector to the hdmi port of my Gateway PC and then still have a special video card to run it on top of all that.

Talk about a lot of hassle. I don’t see a good reason to jump through all those hoops and as a result I have yet another reason to simply sell the Mac Pro. I could go on and on but I have decided to do a part 2 so stay tuned for that for its coming up soon.



The end of the road

My dear precious Ludia, It’s been so long since I last heard from you, truly I wish you love. Yet, lately I have made some requests of you that while very reasonable, were not taken very seriously by you.

How could you do this to me? After all that we have been through why does it have to come to this?

I remember the good times that we used to share, the hours of conversation we had together. How we  decorated your office, we went shopping to get furniture for your new place.

Yeah we did that.

I thought it was nice how you played with my sister, she even told me how much she enjoyed spending time with you. My brother Ed, on the other hand I thought was being such a hater. Yet he meant well and even told me you was trouble from the start. But I didn’t listen I would say to him:

“You don’t understand her like I do”.

Boy was I fooled, I thought you was an angel in disguise and instead, you turned out to be a devil who wears prada.

Oh well, better to find out now than later, when my love for you would have grown even stronger and it would be that much harder to let you go.

I see none of this matters to you at all, so I am afraid that this is indeed the end of the road.