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A great new snack


Ya know I have found that it really pays to be open to new experiences as it allows for some truly wonderful surprises.

A prime example of that was what I was able to enjoy last Saturday. I was in Whole Foods and saw something that I wasn’t very sure about but decided I would try it anyway.

snappeacrisps2You know how many times what is good FOR you Doesn’t taste GOOD?  Well, thankfully this was NOT one of those times.  While it wasn’t the same as the beloved PB crisps of my childhood. This snack is a lot better for me.

As if!!!

The flavor is quite mild, reminiscent of olive oil and there is a nice satisfying crunch when you bite into the pods.

It was so good, so good that I decided to try it again when I was at a Trader Joes.  The snap pea crisps there tasted the same as those of Whole Foods (not a surprise at all).  Just a different name and slightly cheaper in price.



I really like that it’s neither too sweet or overly salty look at the back of the package.

innerpeas2So there you go, hopefully you’ll find some inner peas as well.


The library of the present


As I sit here at the library I am absolutely amazed at some of the dramatic changes I have seen in my life.  I was just thinking to myself for a moment and I thought this would be cool to write about it. That’s the thing about life, there are some things that just don’t stay the same.

You know I remember a time when you went to the library and were told to be quiet,  you simply read a book or a magazine and that was that. In fact, it was a time when the Dewey-decimal system didn’t seem like a relic of a lost world.

And yet, things change.

Now, it appears that the library has become more of a social space, a place to charge your cellphone, chat with your friends,  etc.  On this very floor there were once rows and rows of books….now there is an area to use your laptop and public computers available to all.

Just a few minutes ago there was someone watching a movie on their laptop.   Apparently they haven’t heard the late-breaking news that headphones exist.  It also happened to be something missed by the security guard or the library staff that periodically walk around.  It is indeed a real shame to be babysat.

Oh, I’m loving the conversation going on in front of me.  Apparently what they have to discuss is of the utmost importance.  At this point I feel like standing up and telling them to:

Please shut up!!

Do I really need to hear your incessant complaining?  Is life really that bad for you?

Apparently it is.  

Oh look!  Their leaving.  What a wonderful moment!  My dreams have indeed come true, and then I realize something:

The guy next to me isn’t using a laptop at all.  He has a touch screen all in one PC.  Its so new its still got the stickers on it.


Nothing wrong with that of course, at least he’s quiet which is more than I can say for some.

Don’t spread your germs

Good grief! I was down for about 2 weeks all because of a stupid viral infection.

Thankfully though, it is over for me!

But here’s the thing: there are people right now that are sick, and there are those that will get sick before the year is out and the truth of the matter is that if you are contagious, it is not necessary to spread that mess to others.

So what are some practical things to do then?

Well, a major thing is to wash your hands, especially if you have just sneezed into them.

Better yet, sneeze in the crook of your elbow.

Makes sense: For example you may be riding the bus, and you are unable to sit down because all of the seats are filled.  In that case you will be standing up and will need to hold on to the rail to keep from falling down.  If you have the habit of sneezing in your hands you will then place the germs onto the rail which others will end up touching and could easily spread your sickness to them.

This is important, because you have no idea of another person’s health condition or how they will respond to illness.  What may be not such a big deal for you could potentially be very serious to another.

Also, avoid just coughing into the air around other people, that’s just gross.

Breathing in others faces is also gross in such a case.

I know of someone who is sick right now, he kept trying to approach me yesterday and I spoke to him from afar (OK, not very far, but far enough so he couldn’t touch me) The thing is…he wanted to shake my hand and I wasn’t having that.   This may sound rude but this guy has the habit of coughing into his hands and not washing them immediately, not to mention any moment he could cough in my face and I am not trying to get sick again, for a long time.

So I dodged him, you would think he would apply common-sense and get the point…but he doesn’t care so I literally ran from him.  After I initially spoke to him he would see me again and keep trying to approach me and it was rather annoying.

Dude, get a clue!!!!

So please, please, please think about others.  Yes it is generally a nice thing to share, but in this case it really isn’t.



3D printing living kidneys

Atmel | Bits & Pieces

3D printing technology – projected to be a $3 billion business by 2016 – is rapidly evolving, particularly in the medical sphere. To be sure, Melbourne scientists recently took a big step towards the development of “grow your own” 3D cartilage to treat cancers, osteoarthritis and traumatic injuries, as 3D printed orthopedic implants were successfully fitted in Peking’s University Third Hospital in Beijing.

Similarly, doctors at the Kyoto University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan transplanted 3D printed bones into four patients with cervical spine (cervical) disc herniation, while 3D printing tech helped Doctors at the First Affiliated Hospital of Xi’an Jiaotong University repair a patient’s damaged skull in China.

And now, for the first time ever, scientists have successfully used 3D printing technology to create actual, living human kidneys.

“Like the human livers printed in the past, the kidney are currently miniature in size, but with about…

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