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How to access, read, write, or mount a USB flash drive in Ubuntu Linux

The Wayward Word Press

My most viewed blog post is about how to access a flash drive on Ubuntu Linux. Written five years ago, it is my most-viewed post ever. For example, it now accounts for over a third of my views each day. [1]

This suggests that lots of folks are still having problems using flash drives on Ubuntu, and possibly other Linux distributions as well

The post is a bit dated. A lot has changed in the last five years, so here’s an update on how I currently access flash drives on my Ubuntu 12.04 desktop.

When you first put a flash drive into the computer all you will see is the light on the flash drive come on, if it has one.

If you do

$ ls /media

you won’t see any sign of the drive.

So what you do next is to open File Manager. It’s right there near…

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Meet Linux Viruses


There exists a conventional wisdom that Linux viruses are non-existent entities. For most Linux users this might be surprising that Linux viruses do exist! Though not in wild, and they are so less in number (when compared to counterpart OSs) that they can be counted on fingers! The post introduces to some popular Linux viruses detected to date on Linux systems to enlighten you with realistic facts so that you can even improve your security!


Linux Operating system is generally thought of as “Virus Proof”; It is indeed a very secure Operating system but to think Linux Virus does not exist or Linux is virus-proof is being overly naïve. Researchers have shown that Native ELF Linux Viruses are technically possible. So far, Linux viruses are either prependers or regular file infectors that change entry and alter the actual host code. We have compiled he list of prominent Linux virus show up to…

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Write your own Youtube music downloader script


It’s an undeniable fact that Youtube is one of the top three most visited websites in the world. Many people upload their personal moments, funny stuff, cover songs, podcasts, screencasts etc, all globally shared over the Internet.


These videos are supposed to be public property and for personal use only. But honestly, I can’t think of how many times I’ve visited Youtube to listen my favourite song or just keep following a random channel’s playlist full of copyrighted music. So the questions is ….

Is it legal to download videos from Youtube ?

Yes and no. Technically if you take a look under temp files of Ubuntu, the video you ‘re watching is already downloaded or at least there are some bunch of hidden data related with it. But just saying it is yours is a completely another thing. In general, if you already own the material, then it…

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I’m in the final stretch of finishing a paper and presentation for a university subject called “Product Aesthetics and Values”. Without going into too much detail, I’m interested in the reverse of Donald Norman’s idea that “Beautiful Things Work Better”- i.e. if something is ugly but performs its job well, then it will become beautiful. Here is a quick primer on Donald Norman’s idea:

 I’ve always thought that this happens with cars. If an up and coming car maker, that doesn’t have a reputation for good-looking vehicles (like Tata or Great Wall or Chery) came out with an ugly ugly dogs-mess of a car, that performed beyond all expectations, and was fast and cheap and handled well; it would transform itself into a good-looking car.

Product aesthetics does affect the perception of use, and because perception-is-fact, good looking things work better. With this is mind I enjoyed Charlie Brookers 2007 piece about…

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