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SF Industries

Canonical released more information on Ubuntu powered tablets following the “tablet time” countdown yesterday. I was really excited to see that HTC had almost the exact same countdown clock as Ubuntu did. My thoughts were that maybe they had a full fledged Ubuntu tablet coming down the line already, but sadly the did not. Ubuntu did release Ubuntu FOR tablets though. That for in the midst of the title is what gives me conflicting feelings about this new interface.

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SF Industries

Earlier this week Google announced the ChromeBook Pixel, a $1,299 Laptop for the Chrome Web Browser. Now why the heck would Google release a computer this expensive? Well let’s take a look at the machine first. The Pixel has beyond a retina display  of 2560-1700 Resolution screen, making it the most PPI (Pixels per inch) laptop on the market to date. Along with the stunning resolution, its built with a touch screen.

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