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Hello Miss Antenna

I never cease to be amazed by the utter stupidity of people.  This story took place a few months ago in Baltimore.  I had recently gotten on the Lime bus headed north and there was two young ladies that had children with them. Well one of the ladies sits in front of me and I notice what looks like two metal antennas coming out of her cheeks.  (I swear that the reception on my phone got better when she sat down). it was hard not to notice the rather unique body modifications and thought they looked pretty stupid but I was able to maintain my composure nonetheless.

So they see this older gentleman on the bus and refer to him as their uncle and they have some small talk and then he looks over at Miss Antenna and asks:  “What is that on your face”?.  Now this was the straw that didn’t merely break the camel’s back no that joker broke in several places and I was unable to hold back the laughter.  At that Miss Antenna turns to me and in a very upset tone asks:  “Are you laughing at me?”  Now in my mind I’m like..”Duh lady you know good and well you got the antennas sticking out of your cheeks and you chose to come out the house looking like that so of course I am laughing at you”.  I kind of just paused and didn’t quite know how to respond. I clearly couldn’t say what was really on my mind lest this woman spaz out and I end up being yet another story that ends up here.

Dude with smart mouth gets stabbed on Lime bus

So her friend/relative looked at me and said…..”Just say yes.”  I sense that was probably the best thing to do so I said yes and that seemed to satisfy her and so we continued on the bus. Thankfully they got off not long afterwards and I was just left with a story to tell.

Goodbye Miss Antenna!




Wonderful time in Addis

addisSometimes its good to try something new,  to allow oneself to experience the cuisine of another culture.  Of this I encourage you to take the opportunity to do so.

Yes, there will be food you don’t like, you will have your likes and dislikes.  You may even food you never want to eat again, but at least once you have tried it so you can intelligently say that you don’t like it.

Thankfully today I had an absolutely wonderful experience at Addis Ababa Restaurant in Silver Spring, Maryland.  I had already made the decision that day that I would try Ethiopian food and despite other possibilities I stuck to my choice.

So I went in the restaurant and the waitress was truly a lovely woman.  Certainly not a Liberian girl for she was from the other side of the continent but I think you get the point.

I asked for a menu and when I got it I was happy to see something that sounded good to me:  Yebeg Tibs.


I chose Yebeg Tibs because I love to eat lamb (sorry lamb chop) and like I mentioned before, I wanted to try something new.

I sit down and take in the ambiance of the restaurant.  It was nice and quiet, with no one else in there, which I liked a whole lot.

A whole, whole lot!!!

Yeah, I know, you’re probably gonna say that if a restaurant is empty, then it must not be very good. As you have probably figured out by now.  That just wasn’t true this time.

Soon thereafter the food arrives and my, my, my, did it look good.  And the flavor was so good, so good that i have decided to thank James for it.

Thank you James!!!

Too bad you can’t hear me right now, but maybe I can thank you later.

I digress while I digest, quite literally speaking.

In the basket at the top of the picture is a basket filled with Injera bread. They were rolled up and the food rested on an unrolled piece of bread as well.  The chopped tomatoes went very well with the lamb meat in the middle.

My goodness It was some kind of wonderful!

Speaking of wonderful, remember when I mentioned before that the waitress was very beautiful, well because of that I felt as though I was 30 going on 13 as a result.

Talk about an interesting experience!!

With all of that said it should be painfully obvious that I will most certainly go back to Addis Ababa restaurant

I Gawr-On-Tee!!!

Thank you Justin, it seemed most appropriate to give a shout out to him since I used to watch him on Cajun Gourmet cooking show when I was little.  That was something that he would say and it brings back warm memories just like my lunch today has as well.





I haven’t forgotten about you

told you I love nature

told you I love nature

I know this year I have written the fewest posts since I started back in Summer of 2011, but please be assured that I am not stopping this journey of blogging.  I just got hit with a period where I just didn’t feel very motivated to write very much.

You’ll probably be happy to hear then that I have several posts that I am working on now and they will be available soon.  I am also hoping to be able to do at least three posts per week.

In the meantime however, there is plenty of material here already.  So much that it would take you quite some time to read it all.  Thousands of posts that either I wrote personally or reposted that I think you will enjoy quite a bit.

2014-05-06 12.59.30 2013-04-30 14.44.41


Whether its talking about my childhood spent outdoors that I need to expand upon, my love for Linux, or just random rants  such as this and that  .  I also love to write about my fondness of nature   I have no doubt there is something for everything in what I write.

With that being said:

Don’t you….forget about me!

2013 in review for me

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.