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Linux Mint is still my mate

Now that I have been using Linux Mint for over a year and a half I must say that I am very happy with it.

Previously, I was concerned about being stuck with a desktop that I just didn’t like. Goodness I would be so upset if I was limited to what the other operating systems are offering. Fortunately thanks to the power of Linux that would prove to be a fear deferred.

When I got started with Linux I was using Gnome 2 and fell in love with it.  I remember the time when we first met and I said to myself……..

What a wonderful world!!!

Yes, I had to get used to the idea of not installing programs that end in .exe, or having to go to various sites to get what I need.  But what I got used to quickly was the concept of being able to install everything that I want without having to go to a brick and mortar store, or spend money that I really just didn’t have at the time.

As a result you can probably understand why I love using Linux in general but to narrow it down even more I love using Linux Mint with  Mate.  I tried XFCE and wasn’t feeling it and Unity I feel was anything but.  I even tried cinnamon and I can’t quite figure it out but I just preferred Mate over all of those.

I digress.

Yes, I am aware that now there exists a Mate version of Ubuntu.  I am happy to hear that as I want to see Mate used more and more and Ubuntu is a wonderful vehicle to raise its popularity .  But to be honest when it comes to Ubuntu its a bit…..”Too late baby now its too late.”

Thanks Carole…..

Now I am on Linux Mint 17 and Mate continues to be great.  I look forward to continued use of it for the foreseeable future.

To the developers of Mate I say thanks…I wish you love


I changed my mind…again


You ever think that you have things just the way you want, only to find something that works better for you later?


Well, that’s exactly what happened to me this week.


You, see once upon a time….I decided that I was going to get rid of XFCE desktop environment installed on Linux Mint 13.  I just wasn’t feelin’ it.  Then I went to Gnome Classic, that one was ok, but not exactly what I was looking for.


And then it happened!


I decided to load up Mate and it was great!!!!  It looks just the way I want it to, and I would love to get the wobbly window function again.


In case you have no idea of what I am talking about, allow me to explain:  You see, I am rather specific about how I interact with the operating system installed into my laptop.  As a result, if it doesn’t look right then I am going to tweak it until it does.  I did have what I considered to be a wonderful desktop but that was Gnome 2 and that’s gone now.


So, I did the next best thing…….install Mate.


We’ll see how this works out. I rather optimistic since something tells me I’m into something good.