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My new love

So there she was, just sitting there waiting for me to arrive. I looked at her and it was love at first sight. It wasn’t that she was flashy or anything like that but yet she had a certain kind of elegance that sad to say most don’t really stop to appreciate.

They’re really missing out.

Some feel that in order to be attractive you have to put on expensive clothing and spend time in the bathroom putting on makeup but the truth really is, I love you just the way you are. I know it’s been said beauty is only skin deep and for some that is indeed true, but this time I have truly found something special.

Now before you go off to never never land let me clarify that I am referring to a laptop. Not just any laptop mind you but a classic thinkpad. In fact, the one that I am referring to is the Lenovo T420, simple and rather plain but just like a woman it’s the beauty on the inside that you will no doubt appreciate and continue to love even if the outside no longer looks the same.

Speaking of the inside of the T420 I will talk more about that in a moment but first I will talk more about how I got her.

I just so happened to go into a pawnshop that day and I was curious if they would have some thinkpads in there. Of course, I expected to see Toshibas, Dells, HP’s and other popular brands and I was thinking maybe, just maybe I would actually see something I like. So going back to the scene I described earlier I knew it wouldn’t hurt anything to look.

What is so awesome about all of this is that I already wanted a T420 anyway. You see, I don’t purchase a laptop without researching the exact make and model to ensure that it will be worth my time and money. So this was truly a surprise and one that only gets better and better

Oh yeah I did say I would talk about the specs of this machine well here goes….

14“ screen thats 1600×900 resolution
i7 2620 2.7 Ghz Cpu
4 GB Ram
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit

Oh and the price. I’ll let you think what you think the price ought to be.

Times up!

It was $135.

Now compare that to what I saw at Microcenter: $250.

$250 good lawd thats a lot of money! Yes, it is for the following reasons.

#1. I just noticed this today that they don’t list the resolution of the screen. So that could be less than what I have, or to be fair it could be.

I doubt it, doubt it!

#2 An i5 instead of an i7.

Hmm, interesting. Now lets talk about the upgrades I did to the machine shall we?

16 GB DDR3 RAM $60
Samsung M850 SSD $90

Grand total: I spent about $295. What if I got the machine from Microcenter as much as I love them it would have been $250 plus $150 so $400 instead of a $300 investment.

Again with a weaker processor, and likely lesser resolution screen so to be honest my savings are even more.

Well, now that I have talked about my new love I do my own review of the Lenovo T420.

I know you just can’t hardly wait.


How I got started with Blender


When you first look at Blender I feel as though you are totally forgiven for feeling intimidated by it. In fact that was exactly my experience, yet I decided to press on anyway. Really I was determined to cast my fears aside and enter a brave new world.  One that I have wanted to  be a part of since high school. Thanks to this wonderful website for being one of several sites to inspire me to do this.

Well, over a decade later I finally got a piece of the pie for I am at long last in a position to follow the dream and thankfully it would be no simple fantasy

Yet, at long last I was able to go ahead and make something. Since then I have done the tutorial several times and each time I changed some of the details of it.  I also did renders on my x201 laptop and even on my Fujitsu Lifebook 4215.  It did pretty well on the x201 but the Fujitsu was well, I’ll tell you later about that.

I guarantee it!!

Of course, I prefer using my PC with my 30 inch Apple Cinema Display connected to it to work on Blender as it has much more kick than either of my laptops

No way i was letting that nice monitor go to waste!!

Then I decided to do it again and this time change the thickness of the cup to 0.9 vs. 0.7 and I know I know you are like…….Big hairy deal. And that’s perfectly fine, because I was just going for a minor difference before I completely lose my mind and make more drastic changes.

Just to be clear this is #3 and changed the roughness to 2 instead of 1. Changed the color, but decided to keep the original thickness of the cloth. The material I chose was silk instead of the regular cloth so don’t start with the whole “but silk is cloth moron!”.

LOL!! Well….duhhhhh!!!

Lamp strength doubled to 4,000 and I think that is why the cup looks as if its textured. Believe me I was just as surprised to see that effect as you are. Speaking of surprises, I thought the rendering process was going to be 20 minutes. Frankly I’m just glad they didn’t go by like hours to be honest with you.

Well, it was 17 minutes so not that far off really

Well, there you have it. Another bad creation by yours truly. Be on the look out because more are coming soon. Also, I am strongly considering doing more videos on You-tube so I’ll talk more about that later. Now, if I could just convince the Linux Mint guys the next time that the letter “I” comes around to name the version “Iesha”, that would be just great.

It sure would!!

Anthony gets a new(er) laptop part 2


Just as I said that I would be back with part 2 here it is.  I was really impressed with the fact that the Lenovo x201 is vewy, vewy quiet, just like it’s huntin’ wabbit. At the same time ol’ faithful has a fan that can get annoying sometimes. Even though it puts me to sleep. Much to my surprise just once the lifebook is quiet as well. Now this may have to do with the fact that both laptops are on a table and its about sixty degrees Fahrenheit in my room,  so plenty of cool air.

Makes me wanna punch old man winter right in the face!  Pow! right in the kisser!

I digress of course, I was just so pressed to get a new laptop. So pressed in fact that I went all the way home from across town and then on to Microcenter we go.  I made it there about half an hour before the store was to close and I was about business.  After perusing a few laptops that caught my eye and making fun of some of them I was even more determined to get what I came here for.  One of the associates was busy with another customer and he told me he would just be a few minutes and I really didn’t mind that at all.

Because like I said…I was having fun with insulting other laptops

After a little while the guy is done with the other gullible person I mean customer and so  I asked him for what I wanted a Lenovo x201 to which he replied: Oh, the i5? and I was like yeah.  So he went and got it for me.  I was quite excited at the time and looked at some of the other laptops from Lenovo that were there one of them being the Idea Yoga and I thought it was dumb especially for the price.  Then I looked at one that didn’t seem so bad, it was the Thinkpad Edge E545. Pretty decent specs but was about $150.00 more than I was to pay plus it had some weight to it. Not something I would want to lug around all the time, especially since with the lifebook I had been doing that for several years already.

I aint got time fo’ dat no mo’.

Speaking of being done with something: I am done with this post.  There may be a part 3 or there might not be who knows?  I sure don’t.



Anthony gets a new(er) laptop Part 1


Recently I got a new(er) laptop. I say newer because its not exactly new. In fact, it came out in 2010. Still, it is quite a bit more updated than my Fujitsu Lifebook 4215 from 2006 is.

Well duh!!

For one, it has an Intel Core i5 CPU 2.53 GHz in it, which is a far cry from Core2duo 1.83 GHz. I also currently have installed 4 GB of RAM, and while it is the upper limit for my Lifebook, it only represents half of what can be installed on this laptop.  I also have the option of putting in an SSD which from what I hear would speed things up a whole lot.

Not bad eh?

my Lifebook

my Lifebook

The new laptop (to me) is the Lenovo x201. Immediately what I noticed is that it is considerably lighter than the lifebook, which is a convertible laptop. This means that it can be used as a tablet if I so desire although I tend to only use that function in GIMP.

I decided on the x201 partly because of its small size as I commented on above. I just picked them both up at the same time and I could tell the difference in weight. As it turns out, it over a pound difference between them. Which doesn’t sound like much but it really is.


The aspect ratio of the lifebook is 4:3 whereas the x201 is 16:10, so one is taller than the other. Can you guess which one? The lifebook has a 1024×768 resolution while the x201 has 1200×800. To compare the two in that regard well they are quite different. One having what I consider a warmer yellow glow to the screen while the x201 is whiter and brighter.

To be honest, I much prefer the Lifebook. It does have a nice square screen where the other one is rectangular, its wider but shorter as well. I guess it will take time to get used to it. I tell ya. what…I’ll turn off the light and see if it makes a difference for there is a yellow glow from the light above.

Nope not a difference, cause this ain’t a blockbuster video!

You know how you get started writing about something and you realize its a whole lot, and then you decide to just split into smaller parts?  Well that just happened.  So be on the look out for part 2 its coming up soon.