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2013 in review for me

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 33,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 12 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.


You guys are great!!



What a journey it has been, but where will it take me?


I will never make a promise that I can’t keep so whoop! here it is.

The first post of length that I have made in quite some time. Yet I can see that even though its been a long time you haven’t left me. As a result, my blog continues to get plenty of hits, it was as if I was constantly posting the whole time. That kind of momentum is not what I expected when I get started, not in the least bit. In fact I figured I would build it but no one would show up. I’m happy to say that I was wrong.

And I thank you, thank you!!!

Here it is November of 2013 and I have been at this blogging thing since February of 2010 which was very soon after I started learning about Linux. In that time as you can see I have had a lot to say about my journey with Linux. Not to mention life in general, I decided early on not to be uber-specific but to be random and its worked fantastically.

Case in point.  This and that.   Surprisingly the one about me getting an Ipad has been a very popular one


With that said I will continue the randomness as it really expresses my personality and allows for a level of flexibility that I enjoy tremendously.

As I said at the very beginning in my “mission statement of sorts” that I learn as I go along and its truly been a fantastic voyage.

It is indeed because of this fantastic voyage that’s I have been able to rekindle an interest in computers in general, as well as the software that runs on it. This has been made a lot easier as I am not exactly made of money. Yet I still have all this wonderful access to stuff I wouldn’t have been able to do so otherwise. All thanks to free software and the generous contributions of viewers like you.

LOL!! I had to squeeze that in there somehow.

Yes after nearly four years I am STILL learning and the way I see things I always will. I have no desire to ever be pretentious but simply to share my journey with others which I must say brings me a lot of enjoyment. So by all means tell your friends and family about this blog. I am sure in it they will indeed find something for the people.

Now that’s the scenario

Of course, I could go on and on and on, but I wont.

How to install Mate 1.6

Two weeks ago, I came across an article on a Linux news site and decided to go for it.  I was already interested win in updates to the Mate desktop environment so it was wonderful timing that I came across this one.

Once again I would get to use the Terminal to do what I wanted to do, and this worked out great, now I have a fresh new desktop and I’m very happy with it.

Before I forget let me clarify something: The Gnome Terminal has been renamed Mate Terminal. Repeat after me….The Gnome Terminal has been renamed Mate Terminal.

Very good

One of the things I noticed that changed was instead of going to Applications and then Accessories, to get to the Mate Terminal you still go to Applications but then System Tools.

Something else that’s different is the default font that is used, of course I am not sure of the one that was on Mate 1.4 what I do know is that the font appears smaller.  Not a problem at all though and one that can easily be changed if that’s what you wanted to do.

Here’s that link again to make that upgrade from Mate 1.4 to 1.6 in case:






Screenshot-calibre - || Calibre Library ||

Its always cool when you come across a new program that will do something you want to do.

I don’t recall exactly how I came across this program but it may very well have been one of the podcasts that I frequently listen to.

So I decided to install this program called Calibre onto my laptop by using the Ubuntu Software Center.

That took only a few minutes to complete.  Then today, I decided to update it up to version 0.9.41

This was done by using the Terminal, I got the instructions thanks to

The instructions were very easy to follow and once again were completed very quickly.

One of the things that I like about this program is that it is cross-platform so it is available for Linux, Mac, Windows and can even be installed on a USB drive so you can have it in portable form.

Another thing is that you can order eBooks directly from the program and then convert them into numerous formats.

So by all means, check it out.  After all it is free.





photoAs I write this I have no fewer than 16 tabs open, IRC chat, and 3 videos downloading in the Terminal and I am using about 1.3 GB of RAM.  The operating system I am using is Linux Mint 13, which despite being a “modern operating system” at rest only uses only about 260 MB of RAM.   Of course, I haven’t yet tested this with Windows 7, so I’ll have to do that soon.

Hmm, the power of Linux at work

I say that to say that I am not hurting when it comes to RAM.  Otherwise my laptop would be quite fatigued.  The good part is, it’s not.

Of course, that is only one piece of the puzzle as RAM is only one component of this laptop as it would be in any other one.  Yet, it very easily could be considered a weaker link to me do to my multitasking.

Yet is isn’t!

As a result, I am very happy with my decision not to get a new(er) laptop.  I honestly do not NEED it.

Now that I have doubled the RAM, I have made this laptop more useful to me than ever before and have upgraded it even farther than before.

Talk about a great idea!

photo (1)



My laptop is just fine


I know I know, I have been going on and on about how ancient my laptop is.   I have even written a blog post where I expressed curiosity over how long it would continue to run.   The fact is really simple, when it comes to this laptop to be absolutely honest…..

“Your all I need to get by!”

I really do not need 8 GB or more of RAM.  I really do not need a screen with a resolution of 2500X1900 or something like that.  Of course, I am cissin’ it but that’s OK.

In case you aren’t familiar with DC slang…”to cise means to make something appear bigger than it really is”.

Speaking of slang:

I realize that at this point there are those that would call me a bamma, but I really don’t care.

I digress

Hmm my screen size is a little over 12″.  Yet I have plenty of much larger screens at home so you know what?

Big Deal!

The case is cracked and I have corners missing.  True, but the thing works just fine.  Nothing a little TLC won’t take care of and I won’t be a creep about it.  I don’t need you making my laptop feel unpretty either so keep your comments to yourself.

Who cares!

I’m limited to 3.25 GB of RAM….

Why does that matter when I have a Gateway PC with 8 GB of RAM that I can easily bring up to about 16 GB if not 32 GB.  A Mac Pro 1.1 with, wait for it wait for it………….33 GB of RAM if that ain’t kickin’ enough flavor in your ear I don’t know what will.

OK, OK, it has some weight to it.  Its not as lithe and lean as a Mac Air so shut your face.

I carry this thing around me a lot.  A whole lot!  So much that when I don’t have it I feel like i’m missing  all the pieces, pieces, pieces of me. With that said it is amazing that the thing works at all at this point. It’s proven to be very durable and considering I got it for $88.00 on Ebay.

That makes it quite valuable in my eyes, and I will run it until it won’t run any more.




Games I play on Linux


photo (2)

I have lots and lots of games that are available on Linux.  Looking at my list there are 35.  From Solitaire to Super Tux Kart, and that’s just what I have.  Right now on the Ubuntu Software Center there are 548 available and that’s a lot, the vast majority of them being free.

I will share with you some of the ones I have.

1.Solitaire:  I have lot count of the variations of this one game but there has to be close to a hundred.

2.Super Tux Kart: An obvious Super Mario Kart clone, I love this game.

3. Pingus: Remember Lemmings? Well, you’ll love Pingus if you do.

4. Lin-City NG:Like Sim City

5. Micropolis: Like the original Sim City

6. Super Tux: Like Super Mario World

7. Torcs: A racing game, think Need For Speed

I don’t play them very often, but when I do it is absolutely awesome!!

Several of these games are cross-platform, and that’s awesome because that means I can play them on pretty much any machine I have.

photo (3)