People just don’t understand


You know my entire life I have always been one of those people that spends a lot of time by himself.  Not necessarily by choice but by necessity for most people don’t like what I like.

Today would be an awesome example of that because I started walking hours ago and I am now writing this while at a Whole Foods grocery store.  I don’t know very many people that would have been able to hang in there with me all this time.  Or even if they did do it without an endless amount of complaining.  That would have been so annoying to me and its why I find it much easier to walk by myself.

Now many of the people that I would have invited to walk with me today would have refused not because they are unable to walk for so long but because they simply do not want to.  You see what is enjoyable to me is simply not enjoyable to most people I know.

Oh well it’s their loss really

While on my walk today I was able to see four Persimmon trees and an area that had lots of big-leaf Magnolia trees.  I also saw a chipmunk and a downy woodpecker.  Today was a pretty decent day to do such a walk as it was not too hot or too humid as far as I was concerned it was just right.




Granted again that is a personal thing as I love hot weather when I am wearing casual clothing the warmth from the sun feels so good on my skin and puts me in a really good mood.  Also, keep in mind I spent quite a bit of time under the forest canopy of the trees in Rock Creek Park so it wasn’t like I was in a lot of direct sun anyway.


Now to most people my walk today would sound like something a crazy person would do, and I don’t that.  You know why?

Because I’m happy!!!

Right now I am quite relaxed as is a normal feeling for me after a nice long walk.  I have largely been by myself and that was just fine.  At the same time if I had someone with me that would have been cool as well as long as they would be cool with me being a field guide.

The love of walking especially in the woods is something that I developed as a child.  At the time it was where I felt the most comfortable so while other kids were into organized sports I simply was not.  I would be in Rock Creek Park and be absolutely content in my doing so.

All that walking has allowed me to be more aware of the flora and fauna of my area and today was just another time that I was able to observe things that most people will go to their graves without really enjoying.

If that makes me weird then I guess I’m guilty as charged.

“You say pot-ay-toe and I say pot-ah-toe”. Let’s call the whole thing off.


2 thoughts on “People just don’t understand

  1. Anon

    Even walking with someone like minded and being silent, thinking about what they are thinking about is annoying and not being alone has a mental weight of its own. You would enjoy my 11 mile nerd day hikes through the Oregon forests, which I often do just me and the pup. Spend all day taking pictures and IDing plants…


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