The desktop formerly known as Gnome2

I am so random!!


Whew!! it took me a while to do this one.  But I think you’ll love it!!!

An interview with Mate

Anthony-Hello, My name is Anthony and yours is?

Mate’-Well hello to you too, my name is Mate.

Anthony-G’day mate

Anthony- You know, I have been waiting to do this interview with you for sometime but your schedule has been pretty busy.

Mate-Sorry about that, it took a while to get me ready for the world.

Anthony-Not a problem at all.  Really I mean it,  but there is something I have been wondering:  “A lot of people got used to Gnome 2, what happened to it?”

Mate-*bursts into laughter*

Anthony-*looks around and wonders why Mate is laughing*

Mate-Looks at Anthony and laughs historically, so hard in fact he is rolling on the floor laughing!!!!

Anthony-*sees Mate changing colors and waits for him to be done* Meanwhile he starts laughing too, when Mate…

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