Yet another drought

Life is funny sometimes.  Have you ever started something new, and for a while it is exciting and fun, but then it starts to feel more like a chore.  This is what has happened to me.

I remember the time when I would have an idea for a post and would just do it on the spot.

No joke, I have even done them on my Ipad and phone.  It was a blast!!!

While I was writing I would randomly think of pop references and other clever quips along the way and it was a lot of fun.  As my readership increased it became even more exciting to write as I just wasn’t expecting all that. In fact I alluded to that surprise here and here.

In the beginning I started quite modestly on a site called…oh goodness I have forgotten what it was called but it was a site other than WordPress.  Then I considered doing posts on blogger but for some reason I decided against that so I ended up on WordPress, and it is here that I remain.

Once here I rapidly went from a few hits a month to hundreds per week even getting up to 33,000 views in the year of 2013.   I thought I hit my peak of hits for the month in August 2013, but surprise….It was actually on December 9, 2014 where I got 398 hit.

To date my most popular article to date was this.  To date its been read over 1,500 times and when I wrote this, Which got nearly the same number.

Again, far exceeding my expectations.

Well, it went from something I just did to something I did in order to get even more hits, and thats when a bit of disappointment set in.

I would write something and not get very many responses and lets just say the thrill was gone.

The thrill was gone away!

Thanks to Mr King.

So pretty much the same for my blog has been what someone once said about Southern California in that it never rains there. Although I hear the girls there are pretty nice.


Hmm, maybe just maybe there will be a sudden downpour after all….We shall see.


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