Thanks Apple, you made me upgrade

At last I have upgraded my Ipad 3 from iOS 6 to iOS 8.  I had procrastinated about it for quite some time but finally decided to make the jump.

Actually, to be completely honest with you I did it because one day I turned on the iPad and got a weird image on the screen.  It looked like a power connector that was supposed to charge the iPad and the word “iTunes was above it.  I tried turning the iPad on and off multiple times to no avail.

I was like…”say it isn’t so!!

Doing some research on the matter, I came to find out that I would need to restore the iPad with iTunes.  Fortunately for me I had already backed it up on my old beat up bestie of a laptop the Fujitsu Lifebook 4215,  That proved to be a rather Capital Idea becuase I was going to need iTunes with an internet connection in order for my baby to come back.

I was wrong, and I just can’t be without you!!

So, after a few days, I went to the library and started the restoration process.  One of the reasons that I had procrastinated about upgrading to a new version of iOS in the first place is that I already had games that I had played for a very long time on it.  I also was concerned about the many pictures and videos that I had accumulated over time and I really didn’t want to start over.

That would be a real bummer!!!

Goodness, it did take forever and a half to do the restoration process over wifi and the whole time i was anxious that some error message would show up on the screen, strategically once I got to 90% finished.

Considering that this had taken roughly two hours I would have shouted a rather loud D’oh! ala Homer Simpson style.

Gratefully the test of my endurance came to an end and finally I had a device updated to the latest version of iOS.


Unfortunately, nobody’s perfect so I came across some problems that I will likely rant about later.




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