On making Windows bootable on a usb drive from GNU/Linux

Lnx2's random thoughts

I recently used a variant of the procedure described in this blog.

Some time later after I had thought about the whole thing a bit, I started to wonder, why this actually worked.
I mean effectively you use something like ‘GNU parted’ to generate an msdos partition table, to add a primary partition to said table, and to set the boot flag for said partition.
Afterwards you generate the NTFS filesystem and its label on the block device (the USB drives first and only partition, e.g. /dev/sdc1) using for example mkntfs.

Then the files are copied from the CD-image’s filesystem to the created NTFS filesystem on the USB drive.
Then grub is installed to the MBR with the appropriate ‘grub-install’ command and then ‘configured’ by creating a grub.cfg with the pertinent menuentry looking like this (with “<drive_UUID>” replaced by the appropriate uuid):

menuentry “Start Windows Installation” {
insmod ntfs

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