My Near-Death Experience with a Giant Python

Wow that story was something. Glad your ok.

The Bones of Grace Constantine

For five years I was a professional snake wrangler. My dear friends and I had opened up a reptile shop with the lofty intentions of teaching humans to understand, love, and respect these strange and exotic animals, and as a result, learn to better appreciate the natural world as a whole (not just the cute fuzzy bits). We designed naturalistic habitats for the animals, taught classes in their care and handling, and rescued a great many rare and wonderful creatures from dangerous situations. It was incredibly rewarding and hard work, and while we were not very successful at making money, that hardly mattered.

We had all kinds of amazing animals like Brazillian rainbow boas, panther chameleons, basilisks, carpet pythons, monkey-tailed skinks, leopard geckos, African house snakes, bearded dragons, kingsnakes, water dragons, fire salamanders, red-eyed tree frogs, Argentinian horned toads, Russian tortoises, emperor scorpions, giant millipedes, centipedes, giant hissing cockroaches, tarantulas, and many…

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