Last froglets of summer

Nice pic

Tree surgery and dry stone walling

2014-09-15 15.27.36This little fellow must be one of the last froglets of the late summer and it’s fortunate that we found him close to a well vegetated pond. He’ll still have a bit of growing time before he needs to think about hibernation. This week we’ve been busy getting in the last pruning jobs of the summer, as leaves start to fall and turn around us as we work. Autumn is really starting to take hold and this is showing also in the number of fungi on show. We are now starting to book in a lot of tree felling and removal work. It is an ideal time of the year, now the summer vegetation and bedding plants are dying back, to get an idea of what needs to come out, and to take on larger removal and tidy-up projects. Be on the look out for fungal attacks on mature and…

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