Don’t you wish your laptop was hot like this? Updated

I still love this laptop


Yes I did take a picture of my laptop in tablet mode while doing this blog post.   But B-B-B Baby, you just aint seen nufin’ yet!

This is but one of the pictures I have that clearly show the awesomeness that is my laptop and it is such a wonderful thing to be able to talk about it.   It is often said that “time flies when you are having fun”.  In this  it is so true and applies to my laptop which I first wrote about on here back in October of 2011.  I mentioned it then because I had upgraded it from where it was before to something much much more useful to me.  For more about that go here.

This time I decided to talk more  about this machine as there are some things that have happened to it since then.

It is made my…

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