Apple, Apple, Apple!!



All day long I have been hearing Apple this, Apple that and it was enough to make me sick.  I would have actually listened to/watched the presentation today but was not in a location that would make that feasible.  As a result, I will pretty much regurgitate what I have learned.

#1  iPhone 6 is doing things that Android phones have being doing for years.  Most notable to me is screen size.

#2  Apples into watches. Now since when do you purposely wear fruit on your arm?  Naw seriously, who wears watches on there arm? Yes, I know fitness enthusiasts will jump for joy.  Also there are hose who wish they were fit but were hungry so they peeled a grape will love them but arent there already plenty of devices that do that?

#3  iCloud.  Apparently we need the sunny days to chase the clouds away.  Granted, so many celebrities having naked pics of themselves says a lot about them personally.  It also makes the point that cloud storage in general is not the panacea when it comes to places to put your stuff

Just sayin’!!!

I am pretty sure the Apple market-share took a dip but with the new stuff coming out which I will likely talk about tomorrow it will surge in popularity as more Appleheads wait in line for something like the sheeple that they are.

Oh, well my shameless talk about Apple’s new stuff is over for now.  But I am likely gonna do another one tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Apple, Apple, Apple!!

  1. Willenator

    I agree that Apple introduced some things that have been available already, but it may take Apple jumping into some of those things to push it mainstream. I’m thinking of Apple Pay as I write my comment. In the smartphone world, Apple continues to be viewed as the leader when it comes to quality apps and quality products, so companies who previously were not supporting something like paying with your phone will now jump into the market. That will open up the possibilities for other phone options like Android. In my corner of the world, there are only two places that allow me to pay with my Android phone. Hopefully, Apple Pay will encourage more stores to jump on the smartphone payment bandwagon, and they will support Android just as much as Apple. My biggest concern is they completely ignore Android in their rush to push Apple Pay to registers.


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