Tour 1: Tumacacori National Historical Park

Australia of the USA

Today marks the end of my first tour of national park’s monitoring. We took three day trips out to the non-guest-accessible Calabasas section of Tumacacori National Historical Park. The hikes were short, the views were pretty and the pollen was aggravating. I think that it was overall a nice way to ease into plot monitoring before three straight overnight tours at Tonto National Monument.

After the second day, we had the chance to visit the main unit of Tumacacori, which houses the Mission San José de Tumacácori, an old Jesuit/Fransiscan mission in Santa Cruz county. It was a nice historical place that really taught me a lot about not only the early Jesuit missions, but also the relations between the Spanish missionaries and the local Apache/Pima/O’oodham tribes.

Walking around the grounds also allowed me to take pictures of a couple of species that I have been encountering in the field (along…

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