Learning to fish

Back Yard Biology

A family of Green Herons has taken up residence in the pond in the backyard.  I think there were 5 juveniles hunting along the shore of the pond, which is shallow and almost completely covered with duckweed.

Adult Green Heron, Butorides virescens One of the adults just happened to be hunting near where I was standing.  They hunt the sparse openings in the duckweed right where tree limbs and debris have fallen into the water.  Perhaps this is where fish congregate as well.

Adult Green Heron, Butorides virescens Shooting birds through a tangle of tree branches means there is always something obstructing the view. So I removed some of the clutter with Photoshop.  Adult Green Herons are striking birds with their chestnut-colored breast feathers and dark green head and back.

At the other end of the pond four of the five juveniles congregated on a tree trunk that had fallen into the pond this spring.  Its leafy branches hid them well…

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