Reptiles Love Me! (The Tale of a One-Sided Relationship)

Taft in a Tub

Dear Reptiles, 

I know you love me. I really do. And in the past few weeks, it has become evident to me that you like my company. Snakes, I’ve seen you lounging on my water bottle on mountain summits (Eastern Milk Snake, this one’s for you) and I have also seen you slithering on your merry way across the trail (timber rattlesnake… let’s not be friends). You also like to watch me while I’m gardening, and occasionally pretend to be dirt so I can pick you up with the nearest weed I’m pulling. That’s a funny trick! Except not. NOT AT ALL. As nice as it has been to be in your presence, and as much as I love having your strange, freaky little selves in my life, I think it’s time we parted ways. We don’t make a good pair for hiking. Or gardening.

This goes out to you…

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