In the Garden

Beautiful snake

If I Had A Blog

In the Garden - Spotted Kingsnake In the Garden – Spotted Kingsnake

If I had a blog, I would write about the speckled kingsnake that appeared on the porch last evening. Up front, I should tell you that I have very strong emotions about snakes; very positive emotions. I’ve always felt that non-poisonous snakes get a bum rap. From the Garden of Eden onward, humanity has taken a mean-spirited and largely undeserved opinion of the humble serpent. Take my kingsnake: He (or she) is a quiet, secretive individual, preferring shady woodlands and cool, damp gardens to sunny pastures or desert climes. He is gentle and (if needs be) easy to handle. Best of all, every variety of kingsnake is immune to the poison of all our venomous snakes and is quite happy to make a meal of them if the opportunity arises. I like the aphorism, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend,” and since…

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