Don’t be afraid of the back of the bus

Goodness, sometimes living in DC can be really annoying since there are so many people in such a small area.  It’s even more folks here during the summer time when tourists come to town.  Not a horrible thing in itself but the problem is when individuals just don’t apply common sense, and as a result cause much more drama than is necessary.

I’ll tell you what happened to me one day no long ago.  I had just gotten onto a shuttle bus in Alexandria, Va. As I get on I take a look and see that half of the bus is empty for half its length because people have clustered at the front of the bus.

I’m like…are you serious?

And, so I say excuse me and go to the back of the bus, when I get there I found a seat so I sat down, and I grumbled my displeasure.  Then a lady decides to sit next to me.  She hears me and replies that not everyone is from DC, and I reply ” Just the same it’s still common sense to move to the back rather than crowding at the front. ”  She got quiet, and for good reason for what I had to say was quite logical.

Meanwhile the bus continued to sit in one spot for the geniuses still did not get the late-breaking news that they should move to the back of the bus.  In fact it wasn’t until the bus driver made that high-level announcement that common sense prevailed.

I smiled in approval and enjoyed the trip from then on.




One thought on “Don’t be afraid of the back of the bus

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