Installing a Virtual Machine Image of Ubuntu on Windows 8.1

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Recently I was let on a little secret called Virtual Machines(VM). I had only heard of such a mystical machines and had never really used them for any sort of production. My new acquaintance had told me that he exclusively uses VMs for both work and home and never “installs software to metal” (aka the computer’s hardware)  because it is much easier to back-up images and have multiple operating systems on a single machine.

It was recommend that I use the free program VMware Player and because I already have a window’s machine I want to install Ubuntu. I start first by downloading and installing the VMware Player and the .iso file of the Ubuntu. After a mandatory restart, I open up the player and was greeted by the below screen.

Home Screen for VMware Player Home Screen for VMware Player

I click on the “Create a New Virtual Machine” button and I am…

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