Chicken wings and mambo sauce

So good!

So good!

I told you guys I love chicken and Its been quite some time since I have written a post about food so decided to do so today.  Living in DC there are many things that are just unique about this area.  This happens to be one of them.  Usually when one talks about DC they are referring to the man-made structures such as the Washington Monument, The National Zoo, and a whole host of memorials and museums.

“Homie don’t play dat!!!”

Why? Because everyone else does and I have been to them so often that I no longer find them to be very interesting anymore.

I digress.

One thing that I will never tire of is a local favorite called Mambo sauce, it has been a popular sauce in DC for decades and I absolutely love it.

I recall when I was about 13 I would pump gas at one of two gas stations.  (At that time they still allowed us youngsters to do this :).   As a result those of us enterprising enough to do this would always have money which was generally used to buy food.

In fact, I don’t remember eating at home much during the summers of 96 and 97.  That’s how much I was outside with my friends.



Goodness was it that long ago?

After pumping gas for a while I would have enough money to go to a local carryout.  Once there I would order five chicken wings with Mambo sauce, and to go along with it I would get a 16 ounce Grape-Strawberry Mistic.  We would all order it and then enjoy the wonderful morsels.

Umm Umm good!!!

Apparently I have much company in my love of this condiment for Christylez Bacon wrote a song about it and in the link above there are new restaurants that are featuring it on their menu.  I’ll have to check them out and tell you what I think of them.

Goodness, all this talk about food is making me hungry, but I won’t be peeling a grape.

I promise








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