Sweetshrub: An Old Fashioned, Sentimental Favorite

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As a child, I enjoyed plucking the flowers and breathing in the sweet scent of this native shrub.  European settlers in America first discovered sweetshrub ( Calycanthus floridus) in the 1730s in the woodlands of the piedmont area of the Carolinas.  The bark of this deciduous shrub is said to smell like camphor, while the scent of the flower has been compared to bubblegum.  Calycanthus oil is an essential oil that is distilled from the flowers and is used in some perfumes.  Sweetshrub still grows wild in the southeastern U.S.  Although in other parts of the country it is seen as having only minor garden value, it remains a sentimental favorite in Southern gardens.  (3 images)

Sweetshrub #1

Sweetshrub #2

Sweetshrub #3

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