Fitter Fast Food

From Fat to Fab

I’ve been researching the suggested food places y’all gave me and I am appalled by what I found. Well, I guess I can’t say I’m thatsurprised. I knew fast food was bad for you, but I guess I never realized how bad it was. The calories, fat, and sodium are outrageously high. By showing y’all these “Healthier Choices,” I am in no way saying that eating these items are good for you. They are definitely not going to get you a six pack!


However, when we are in a rush, it’s nice to know what is a little better for us at our local fast food favorites. Keep in mind though, by cutting out fast food, you could be a million times closer to your weight loss goals. Fast food in moderation (2-3 times a month) won’t kill us!

I created tables of items I’ve found that aren’t as bad

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